Bird Watching (UK) - - February Id Challenge -

The first thing that may strike you about this gull is its clean, pale grey wings and clean white ‘body’. This may lead you to con­clude it is an adult bird. Next, you may no­tice the bright red bill (with a black band) and legs. These lat­ter, in them­selves, nar­row it down to Black-headed or Mediter­ranean, or per­haps one of the rare va­grant gulls. Then you may no­tice the ‘ghost’ of a black­ish hood; so it is one of the ‘black-headed’ species in win­ter. The bill is too thick and bright red for Black-headed (and the rare species) and is typ­i­cally Med Gull in shape and colour. This is backed up by the pale back. But the black and white wing tips are wrong for an adult (which have clean white wing-tips): this is a se­cond-win­ter Mediter­ranean Gull.


†Pale grey back and wings

†Bright red bill and legs

†Ghost of a black hood

†Black-and-white wingtips are pro-se­cond-win­ter Med Gull

Pale back and wings, black and white wingtips Bright red thick bill And red legs

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