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MERLIN (FLY­ING) ✔Short very pointed wings ✔Medium, square ended tail ✔Dashing and ag­ile, very fast flight KESTREL (FLY­ING) ✔Long, (slightly fin­gered) pointed wings ✔Long rounded tail ✔Hov­ers. Di­rect and flicky-winged flight SPARROWHAWK (FLY­ING) ✔Short, blunt tipped wings ✔Long, nar­row-based, square tail ✔Flap-flap-glide flight style

GOSHAWK (FLY­ING) ✔Broad, blunt-tipped wings, bulging in sec­on­daries, nar­row at tip ✔Medium, broad based, rounded tail ✔Flap-flap-glide (slower flaps than much smaller Sparrowhawk)

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