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ROCK PIPIT ✔Streak­ing more dif­fuse, and smudgy. Duller colour­ing over­all ✔Un­der­parts tinged with yel­low ✔Long, strong dark bill ✔Short, in­dis­tinct su­per­cil­ium TREE PIPIT ✔Flank streaks finer than breast streaks ✔Very white belly, con­trast­ing with flanks ✔Strong pink bill ✔Stronger head mark­ings, dark lores like a faint eye stripe MEADOW PIPIT ✔Flank streaks sim­i­lar to breast streaks ✔Un­der­side buff, es­pe­cially to­wards flanks ✔Slen­der, yel­low­ish bill ✔Short, faint su­per­cil­ium, pale lores, eye ring not eye stripe

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