What’s this bird I snapped in Dorset?

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QI am new to bird­watch­ing and have a pref­er­ence for pho­tograph­ing birds. I took a pho­to­graph of a dis­tant bird which I can’t iden­tify at Fer­ry­bridge, Port­land, Dorset, last sum­mer. Brian Winch

AIt’s a Sky Lark, prob­a­bly a young bird, judg­ing by the white tips to the feath­ers on its back, and the hint of some fine white tips on its crown, too. Seen on the ground, they of­ten take birders by sur­prise, be­cause they’re big­ger and chunkier than ex­pected (we get used to see­ing them fly­ing at height, pour­ing out their song). This bird has its crest flat­tened, too, which might oth­er­wise be a good ID pointer, although that crouched pos­ture is typ­i­cal of a bird that, once on the ground, tends to be un­ob­tru­sive and hard to spot in its typ­i­cal open habi­tat.

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