Which type of gull did I see?

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QI was go­ing through some old pic­tures and found this one from about 10 years ago which I ini­tially thought was a Ring-billed Gull as there was no red on the beak. This was in my gar­den in Dundee. Art Sang­ster

AIt’s hard to make out de­tail on the bill, un­for­tu­nately – there does ap­pear to be a dark band there, but there could be some red, or it could be dirt. In favour of it be­ing a Ring-billed Gull is that it seems to have yel­low­ish legs; how­ever, this is also hard to make out for sure, and in gen­eral size and struc­ture it looks more like a Her­ring Gull. A Ring-billed Gull is closer to a Com­mon Gull in size and struc­ture.

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