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1 Check fields and wood­land for Red­wing, Field­fare, Mis­tle Thrush, Sky Lark, Lin­net and Green Wood­pecker. Pheas­ant are com­mon in the area while a hunt­ing Barn Owl may be seen dur­ing a late win­ter’s af­ter­noon.

2 The lake is favoured by dab­bling ducks, with Teal and Wi­geon reach­ing the low hun­dreds. Shov­eler, Gad­wall, Pin­tail, Tufted Duck and Pochard are also present with oc­ca­sional vis­its by Goosander and Gold­en­eye. Grey­lag Geese join the Canada Geese flock with Cor­morant also present. Pas­sage waders may in­clude Green­shank, Curlew, Green and Com­mon Sand­pipers, while Red­shank and Lap­wing have bred.

3 Damp wood­land may bring Wood­cock in late au­tumn/win­ter with Siskin and Lesser Red­poll and breeding Song Thrush and war­blers dur­ing sum­mer. Reedbeds hold Reed and Sedge War­blers in sum­mer along with Reed Bunt­ing and nest­ing Lit­tle and Great Crested Grebes and hunt­ing Hob­bies.

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