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1 From the bridge, scan ei­ther way along the canal for Teal, Lit­tle Grebe, Kingfisher, Grey Wag­tail, Grey Heron, Lit­tle Egret, plus a chance of Wa­ter Rail, Snipe or Green Sand­piper where mud is show­ing. Check the fields to the south for win­ter thrushes, Lap­wing, Golden Plover, Stock Dove and Red-legged Par­tridge.

2 The bank­side scrub of­ten at­tracts small num­bers of Lin­net, Bullfinch, Yel­lowham­mer, Reed Bunt­ing and Cetti`s War­bler. Tree Spar­row and Corn Bunt­ing are also present, while Long-tailed Tit flocks should be checked for Gold­crest and Chif­fchaff. A good spot for an early Wheatear. Kestrel, Spar­rowhawk and Buz­zard of­ten hunt here and old wil­lows can har­bour a Lit­tle Owl.

3 The wood­land sec­tion has all the usual tits, finches and thrushes, plus Jay, Buz­zard, Spar­rowhawk, Tawny Owl, Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Green and Great Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers, Gold­crest, Lesser Red­poll and Siskin. Lis­ten out for a first mi­grant Black­cap or Chif­fchaff.

4 Check for passer­ine flocks mov­ing along the wood­land edge and on sunny morn­ings soar­ing rap­tors over the canopy. The open farm­land of­ten has a va­ri­ety of finches, buntings, thrushes, Sky Lark and Meadow Pipit.

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