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Gar­ganeys are un­usual among our ducks in that they are es­sen­tially sum­mer visi­tors, mi­grat­ing here to breed. Most of our ducks are much com­moner in the win­ter time, but not the Garganey. They start to re­turn to their breeding sites in March, but they are scarce, with fewer than 100 pairs in the coun­try. Most are con­cen­trated in the east, par­tic­u­larly East Anglia, and south-east Eng­land, but with lo­calised pop­u­la­tions else­where, in­clud­ing western Wales and the Scot­tish Bor­ders. They are tiny ducks (about Teal-sized) and males are dis­tinc­tive and very at­trac­tive, with a strik­ing pair of long white su­per­cilia. They are shy and re­tir­ing, dis­ap­pear­ing with ease into flooded veg­e­ta­tion, in their shal­low wetland habi­tat.

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