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We fin­ish with what ap­pears to be a small bird singing from the top of a ‘weed’. It is an­other streaked brown bird. The bill looks slen­der and quite long, like a war­bler or per­haps a pipit. But the wing shape (show­ing lots of pri­maries rather than lots of cov­er­ing ter­tials) and rounded/pointed tail don’t look like pipit fea­tures. This is a war­bler, and as we have pointed out be­fore, there are only a few which have streaks. One is the Sedge War­bler, which is well-known for hav­ing a very ob­vi­ous, broad, pale su­per­cil­ium, which we can’t see here. The Fan-tailed War­bler, or Zit­ting Cis­ti­cola, is a tiny war­bler with un­marked un­der­parts. This bird has an ochre in­fu­sion on the un­der­parts and a few streaks on the un­der­tail coverts, mak­ing it a Grasshop­per War­bler.

KEY FEA­TURES †Slim, war­bler-like build †Streaked up­per­parts †Short, in­dis­tinct su­peri­cil­ium †Pointed tail

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