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An­other clas­sic LBJ, this is an­other small, streaky brown bird. Its lit­tle tri­an­gu­lar bill points to it be­ing one of the smaller finches. The streaky brown plumage nar­rows the bird down to the red­polls, Siskin, Green­finch, Twite and Lin­net. The red­polls have tiny yel­low­ish bills and a black bib and lores in all plumages (and usu­ally a black and red fore­head). So we can rule these out, as well as Green­finch and Siskin, by the com­plete ab­sence of yel­low in the plumage. So, it looks like a toss-up be­tween Twite and Lin­net. The pale grey throat, grey-brown head, rel­a­tively light streak­ing on the un­der­parts all point to this be­ing a Lin­net.

KEY FEA­TURES †Clas­sic LBJ, with finch-like struc­ture †Short, dark, seedeater’s bill †Streaked plumage, no bib †Pale panel in dark wing

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