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Many birds have dis­tinc­tive rear ends: the rump and tail feath­ers pro­vide use­ful ID point­ers. White is a favoured colour for rumps and outer tail feath­ers, or the base of the tail. In some cases, such as the Wheatear, there is a white rump and tail base. Other species, such as Bullfinches, Bram­blings and House Martins, have white rumps which make them in­stantly iden­ti­fi­able. White outer tail feath­ers are also widely em­ployed, for in­stance in many buntings, wag­tails and pip­its, some war­blers such as Whitethroat, and some finches. These tail end fea­tures can be enor­mously help­ful in the field.

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