Bird Watching (UK) - - Species Yellowhammer -

Dis­tri­bu­tion can be very patchy. Heath­land with bushes, hedgerows around pas­ture-land, and coastal cliffs with gorse and bracken are usu­ally the best places to look for them, mean­ing that they’re still do­ing rel­a­tively well in western and north­ern Bri­tain – in fact, in mod­ern Welsh, their name is Me­lyn yr Eithin, ‘yel­low bird of the gorse’. They can also be found on arable farm­land in east­ern and south­ern Bri­tain, although this is where most de­clines have oc­curred. Nev­er­the­less, in win­ter they might be seen around farm­yards and stub­ble fields, of­ten in mixed flocks with Tree and House Spar­rows, Chaffinches, and their close rel­a­tives, Reed Buntings.

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