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A com­pre­hen­sive round-up of birds seen on your patch dur­ing Jan­uary


The rarest birds in the re­gion in Jan­uary were all long-stay­ers, in­clud­ing the now res­i­dent Hud­so­nian Whim­brel in Corn­wall, the East­ern Black Red­start at Mouse­hole and the re­turn­ing Pa­cific Diver off Pen­zance (both Corn­wall), as well as the Desert Wheatear still on the beach at Thurle­stone, Devon.


HIGH­LIGHTS: Twelve Great White Egrets com­muted be­tween Chew and Blag­don reser­voirs. Two Cat­tle Egrets were near Wick. PORTISHEAD AND CLEVEDON: Pur­ple Sand­pipers were seen on just four bird-days. One or two Black Red­starts were reg­u­lar in both towns. A Great White Egret re­mained on the Blind Yeo at Clevedon. A Lit­tle Gull ap­peared on sev­eral dates at Port­bury Pools. SEVERNSIDE: An Amer­i­can Wi­geon vis­ited sites around Lit­tle­ton and Old­bury (2nd). Max­ima were 560 Black-tailed God­wits, 255, Knot and seven Jack Snipe. A Red Kite passed through (25th) as did a Short-eared Owl (21st). A Wa­ter Pipit spent much of the month at Pil­ning Wet­lands. A Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Avon­mouth (6th-7th). WESTON-SU­PER-MARE: An Eider spent the month at the Marine Lake. Weston’s high­lights in­cluded a Com­mon Scoter (7th), Pur­ple Sand­piper (16th) and seven Waxwings (24th). Up­hill held six Short-eared Owls. One or two Dart­ford War­blers were at Sand Bay (18th-28th). Two Black Red­starts were at Up­hill, with an­other at the Po­lice Sta­tion. THE RESER­VOIRS: Un­usu­ally, Bewick’s Swans stayed into the New Year, with three at Blag­don (1st) join­ing five more at Chew Val­ley Lake (to 31st). A Long-tailed Duck spent the month at Bar­row Gur­ney. A Ring-necked Duck was at Chew Val­ley Lake. Six Red-crested Pochards were at Chew (24th) with three at Bar­row Gur­ney (25th). Scaup at Chew reached an un­prece­dented 14, with birds oc­ca­sion­ally com­mut­ing to Blag­don. Two Com­mon Scot­ers were at Chew (17th) with the male re­main­ing (to 31st). Goosanders in­cluded 25 at Blag­don, 17 at Chew, 30 at New­ton Park and 18 on the Blind Yeo at Clevedon. A Slavo­nian Grebe was at Chew (13th). Black-necked Grebes there in­creased to six. Last month’s Lit­tle Stint re­mained at Blag­don (to 13th). Chew and Blag­don had two Jack Snipe each. The gull roost at Chew logged a Ring-billed Gull, two Yel­low-legged Gulls, two Mediter­ranean Gulls, a Caspian Gull and a Kum­lien’s Gull. A Wa­ter Pipit was at Chew all month. OTHER SITES: A Smew was at Chip­ping Sod­bury Com­mon (2nd). A Man­darin was at Salt­ford. Red Kites flew over Bris­tol (25th) and Old­bury Power Sta­tion (27th). A Goshawk was at Fresh­ford (9th). Golden Plovers at Marsh­field peaked at 500. Bradley Stoke hosted 15 Waxwings all month, with re­ports of up to 20 birds at other sites around Bris­tol, largely fea­tur­ing su­per­mar­kets. Old­bury Power Sta­tion had two Black Red­starts. Jane Cum­ming


JER­SEY: Sorel held 35 Choughs. Le Pulec had a Com­mon Sand­piper, 50 Rock Pip­its, four Black Red­starts and 50 Turn­stones. St Ouen’s logged 50 Great Black-backed Gulls, two Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 150 Her­ring Gulls, two Bit­terns, a Short-eared Owl, 20 Marsh Har­ri­ers, six Buz­zards, Bearded Tits, 17 Wi­geon, 50 Shov­el­ers, 40 Pochards, four Lit­tle Grebes, 150 Lap­wings, 20 Golden Plovers, Wa­ter Pip­its, a few Jack Snipe, 200 Snipe, 50 Teal, 50 Tufted Ducks, two Gad­wall and 20 Cor­morants. A Rose-coloured Star­ling was at Les Quen­nevais. Petit Port had 40 Curlews, a Whim­brel, 150 Oys­ter­catch­ers and a few Pur­ple Sand­pipers. There were 20 Mediter­ranean Gulls, 500 Black-headed Gulls and 200 Her­ring Gulls at Havre des Pas. The Spoon­bill re­mained at Icho Tower. Pon­tac held 30 Mediter­ranean Gulls and hun­dreds of Her­ring Gulls. At Happy Hens, there were three pale-bel­lied and 100 dark-bel­lied Brent Geese, with a fur­ther 1,500 birds around the coast. Eight Cat­tle Egrets roamed the is­land. Divers, gulls and Sand­wich Terns passed St Cather­ine’s break­wa­ter all month. Wood­cocks were wide­spread. Hun­dreds of Red­wings were noted. The Pere­grines fre­quented St Thomas’ Church in St He­lier. Ber­tram Bree


HIGH­LIGHTS: An Amer­i­can Wi­geon was on the Ta­mar Es­tu­ary (12th-28th). The Green-winged Teal re­mained on the Hayle Es­tu­ary, with an­other at Walm­s­ley (5th-8th). The Lesser Scaup re­mained on Doz­mary, vis­it­ing Si­bly­back (2nd). Two Long-tailed Ducks were at St John’s Lake for most of the month, with an­other off Pen­dower (2nd-14th). A few Vel­vet Scot­ers were in the Carrick Roads and Mounts Bay, where the Pa­cific Diver re­mained. A Bit­tern was at Marazion (2nd-20th). Cat­tle Egrets in­cluded 17 at Pen­pol Creek (1st) and 12 at Looe Pool (31st). A Great White Egrets was at Gwith­ian (28th). Four Spoon­bills were around the Ta­mar Es­tu­ary and one on Hayle through­out, with four on the Camel and at Walm­s­ley (24th-30th). Black-necked Grebes peaked at 29 in the Carrick Roads (24th). The Hud­so­nian Whim­brel re­mained at Per­ranuth­noe. A Lit­tle Gull was at Swan­pool (27th). Ring-billed Gulls were on the Gan­nel (1st-24th), Marazion (2nd-13th) and Hayle (27th-28th). Caspian Gulls were at Marazion (1st-7th), Pad­stow (13th), Hayle (15th) and Mouse­hole (27th). A Yel­low-legged Gull was off Pad­stow (13th). A pos­si­ble Amer­i­can Her­ring Gull was at Mouse­hole (25th). Two Ice­land Gulls roamed the Far West. A Kum­lien’s Gull was at Mouse­hole (8th and 25th) and St Buryan (13th). Glau­cous Gulls were at Drift (18th), Mouse­hole (25th) and St Ives (27th). Three Waxwings were in Sal­tash (17th-20th), one in Tre­maine (19th) and four in Cam­borne (24th). Three Short-eared Owls were at Bartin­ney (3rd-16th), with sin­gles at Rose­nanon (13th), Crug­meer (18th) and St Agnes Head (21st-22nd). Six Wood­larks were at Nan­quidno. A few Yel­low-browed War­blers, Wa­ter Pip­its and Black Red­starts were noted through­out the County. The East­ern Black Red­start re­mained at Mouse­hole (1st-31st). La­p­land Buntings in­cluded 15 at Cam­borne (22nd-28th). Two Lit­tle Buntings were at Nan­jizal (3rd-24th) and two more at Sen­nen (23rd). Sara Mcma­hon (01752 242 823)


NORTH DEVON: Braun­ton logged a Firecrest, Black Red­start, Yel­low-browed War­bler, 1,000 Golden Plovers, a Marsh Har­rier and Com­mon Sand­piper. Hart­land Point had 50 Red-throated Divers. The Taw Es­tu­ary held 20 Eiders, a Long-tailed Duck, Green­shank, nine Spoon­bills and 2,500 Golden Plovers. Burs­don Moor had a Marsh Har­rier, two Hen Har­ri­ers and a Mer­lin. Red Kites were at Barn­sta­ple, Clovelly and Filleigh. Two Snow Buntings and seven Eiders were at Northam. Morte Point had 16 Great North­ern Divers, 12 Eiders and a Great Skua. Il­fra­combe had three Pur­ple Sand­pipers, two Red-throated Divers and a Black-throated Diver. A Glau­cous Gull was at Road­ford Reser­voir. SOUTH DEVON: Top­sham had a Yel­low-browed War­bler, Long-tailed Duck, Spot­ted Red­shank and three Mediter­ranean Gulls. Ex­mouth had two Firecrests, a Slavo­nian Grebe and seven Pur­ple Sand­pipers. Slap­ton had a Cirl Bunt­ing, Bit­tern, Scaup, ten Gold­eneyes, a Black-necked Grebe, Red-throated Diver and Great North­ern Diver. Tor­bay had a Yel­low-browed War­bler, Pere­grine, Great North­ern Diver, Mediter­ranean Gull, Black Red­start, Firecrest, Siberian Chif­fchaff, Surf Scoter, 300 Com­mon Scot­ers, 11 Vel­vet Scot­ers, 36 Turn­stones, 900 Guille­mots, 50 Ra­zor­bills, 21 Cirl Buntings, and two Red-necked, three Black-necked, 125 Lit­tle and 134 Great Crested Grebes. Exmin­ster Marshes had 14 Bar­na­cle Geese, an Amer­i­can Wi­geon, Marsh Har­rier, Scaup, 257 Pin­tails and two Spoon­bills. The Teign Es­tu­ary had a Wa­ter Pipit. Wist­land­pound Reser­voir had a Great White Egret. Budleigh had a Spot­ted Red­shank, Amer­i­can Wi­geon, Long-tailed Duck, Yel­low-browed War­bler, Firecrest and Bon­a­parte’s Gull. Soar had three Black Red­starts, 25 Cirl Buntings, a White Wag­tail and 307 Sky­larks. West Charleton Marsh had two Cirl Buntings, a Green­shank and Bit­tern. Bowl­ing Green Marsh had the Amer­i­can Wi­geon and 550 Avo­cets. Ply­mouth had two Waxwings, six Ring-necked Para­keets, a Black Red­start and four Mediter­ranean Gulls. Sal­tram had two Cat­tle Egrets. The Kings­bridge Es­tu­ary had nine Red-breasted Mer­gansers, a Hen Har­rier, Bit­tern and Siberian Chif­fchaff. Ot­ter­ton had 250 Com­mon Scot­ers, two Long-tailed Ducks, a Great North­ern Diver and seven Eiders. Two Hen Har­ri­ers were at Hex­wor­thy, Dart­moor. Buck­fastleigh had three Siberian Chif­fchaffs. Staver­ton and Corn­wor­thy had Yel­low-browed War­blers. Mat­ford, Ex­eter had an Amer­i­can Wi­geon. Brix­ham had two Cat­tle Egrets, a Surf Scoter, nine Vel­vet Scot­ers, seven Pur­ple Sand­piper and four Cirl Buntings. The Exe Es­tu­ary logged a Bon­a­parte’s Gull, Yel­low-browed War­bler, four Slavo­nian Grebes, four Jack Snipe, 200 Pin­tails, 50 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, 60 Knot, 20 San­der­ling and 100 Bar-tailed God­wits. Sous­sons, Dart­moor had a Great Grey Shrike. Waxwings were at Ex­eter (nine), Chudleigh Knighton (13), Peter Tavy (30), Heath­field (eight), Yarner Wood (13, plus a Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker), Plym­stock (one) and Holswor­thy (12). Teign­grace had 15 plus three Cat­tle Egrets. A Glossy Ibis was at Bick­ing­ton. New­ton Ab­bot had two Siberian Chif­fchaffs. Ave­ton Gif­ford held three Com­mon Sand­pipers, a Wa­ter Pipit and Black Red­start. Trin­ity Hill, Axmin­ster had a Lit­tle Bunt­ing. THURLE­STONE BAY: High­lights in­cluded a Desert Wheatear, two Cat­tle Egrets, a Goosander, three Brent Geese, 20 Com­mon Scot­ers, three Red-throated Divers, two Black-throated Divers, two Great North­ern Divers, a Slavo­nian Grebe, 70 Gan­nets, five Lit­tle Egrets, a Ful­mar, Mer­lin, two Pere­grines, 29 Oys­ter­catch­ers, eight Ringed Plovers, seven Golden Plovers, three Black-tailed God­wits, two Pur­ple Sand­pipers, two Com­mon Sand­pipers, 45 Snipe, three Green­shanks and 20 Turn­stones. There were 11 Kit­ti­wakes, three Mediter­ranean Gulls, a Yel­low-legged Gull, Glau­cous Gull, 165 Ra­zor­bills, five Guille­mots, three Firecrests, 50 Chif­fchaffs, three Siberian Chif­fchaffs, a Yel­low-browed War­bler, five Wa­ter Pip­its, 100 Red­wings, 55 Field­fares, 250 Chaffinches, four Bram­blings, 450 Lin­nets, two Cirl Buntings and four Black Red­starts. Har­vey Ken­dall and Mike Pass­man (thurle­stonebay­


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Whooper Swan was at West Bex­ing­ton (23rd) and Ab­bots­bury (24th). A White-fronted Goose was at Bock­hamp­ton (8th). Four­teen Bar­na­cle Geese were in Poole Har­bour (26th). Black Brants were at Arne, Fer­ry­bridge,

Lang­ton Her­ring and Mid­dle­bere. Poole Har­bour held a Smew (8th-31st). A Black Guille­mot was in Port­land Har­bour (25th). Cat­tle Egrets were at seven sites. A Great White Egret was at Stud­land (3rd and 9th), with three at Long­ham Lakes. A Goshawk was at Arne Moors (19th). Lytch­ett Fields hosted the Lesser Yel­lowlegs through­out, and a Green-winged Teal (1st-14th). Ab­bots­bury noted Richard’s Pip­its on sev­eral oc­ca­sions. Waxwings were at Can­ford Heath (16th), Char­mouth (19th) and Brid­port (23rd). Trick­etts Cross re­ported a Ring Ouzel (17th). Cog­den Beach, East Holme, Gilling­ham, Loud’s Mill, Lytch­ett Heath, Poole and Stud­land all recorded Yel­low-browed War­blers. Great Grey Shrikes were at Can­ford Heath, Hart­land Moor, Slepe Heath and Ware­ham For­est. The Rose-coloured Star­ling re­mained in Dorch­ester. Ex­cep­tional Star­ling mur­mu­ra­tions were seen over the Stud­land area. CHRISTCHURCH HAR­BOUR AREA: Birds noted in­cluded Bar­na­cle Geese, Vel­vet Scot­ers, Eiders, Pin­tails, Red-throated Divers, Golden Plovers, Lap­wings, Dun­lin, a Spot­ted Red­shank, Snipe, a Jack Snipe, Sand­wich Tern, Lit­tle Gulls, a Wa­ter Pipit and Firecrests. DURLSTON: Com­mon Scot­ers, Red-throated Divers, Great North­ern Divers and Great Skuas passed. THE FLEET: There were Brent Geese, Scaup, Eiders, Long-tailed Ducks and Goosanders. Thirty Chif­fchaffs were at Ab­bots­bury Sewage Farm (7th). POOLE HAR­BOUR: There were Bar­na­cle Geese, Brent Geese (in­clud­ing pale-bel­lied birds), Wi­geon, Teal, Eiders, Com­mon Scot­ers, Gold­eneyes, Goosanders, Great North­ern Divers, Slavo­nian Grebes, Black-necked Grebes, a Bit­tern, Spoon­bills, Marsh Har­ri­ers, Hen Har­ri­ers, Mer­lins, a Kestrel, Pere­grine, Lap­wings, Bar-tailed God­wits, Knot, San­der­ling, Dun­lin, Pur­ple and Green Sand­pipers, Spot­ted Red­shanks, Green­shanks, Jack Snipe, a Short-eared Owl, Red­wings, Firecrests and Cross­bills. PORT­LAND/WEY­MOUTH: High­lights of the month were Scaup, Eiders, Com­mon Scot­ers, Goosanders, Red-throated, Black-throated and Great North­ern Divers, Slavo­nian and Black-necked Grebes, a Manx Shear­wa­ter, Bit­terns, Pur­ple Sand­pipers, a Jack Snipe, Great, Po­ma­rine and Arc­tic Skuas, a Lit­tle Gull, Short-eared Owls, Wa­ter Pip­its and a Siberian Chif­fchaff. OTHER SITES: There were six Red Kites over Up­ton/broad­stone and three over Stur­min­ster Mar­shal GP. Golden Plovers at Maiden Cas­tle peaked at 2,500 (19th). Black Red­starts were at ten sites. Siberian Chif­fchaffs were at Bar­l­ey­crates, Blac­knor, Poole, Nor­den, Sher­borne and West Bex­ing­ton. Thirty Lesser Red­polls were at Up­ton CP (20th). Robin Trun­dle


HIGH­LIGHTS: The two Black-necked Grebes re­mained in the har­bour through­out. Three Slavo­nian Grebes were be­tween St Mary’s and St Martin’s. A few Lit­tle Egrets are win­ter­ing. Three Spoon­bills were near Sam­son. Three Black Red­starts were at Hugh Town. The Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker was again at Porth Hel­lick (1st). A Yel­low-browed War­bler was in Lower Moors (1st-3rd). A Firecrest was in Porth Loo Lane and a Waxwing flew over Parting Carn (3rd). A Mediter­ranean Gull and nine Great North­ern Divers were be­tween the islands (5th). A King­fisher was around St Mary’s. A Shov­eler com­muted be­tween Porth Hel­lick and New­ford Duck Pond (from 7th). Four Firecrests were at Tele­graph (7th), with an­other at Rocky Hill (8th). Two Whim­brels were with Curlews at Pen­dra­then (8th). A Glau­cous Gull flew over Hugh Town (14th) and was in Porth Cressa (20th). Mediter­ranean Gulls were in the Roads (17th) and at Porth Loo (20th). A Jack Snipe was at Porth Hel­lick and a Firecrest in Holy Vale (19th). A Lap­wing was on the Gar­ri­son (22nd), with 30-40 on the Air­port (26th-27th) and 35 at Water­mill (28th). A boat trip around the islands (22nd) found a Brent Goose, two Slavo­nian Grebes, ten Grey Plovers, four Pur­ple Sand­pipers, ten Great North­ern Divers and two Spoon­bills. Four Golden Plovers were on the Air­port (26th). The Cetti’s War­bler reap­peared on the Porth Hel­lick loop trail (28th and 30th). Will Wagstaff

Desert Wheatear, Thrurl­stone, Devon, Jan­uary

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