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Large wooded land­scapes pro­vide a mul­ti­plic­ity of mat­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties. Open as­pects, such as in glades and rides, or on more open moor­land be­side wood­land, give a good field of vi­sion, max­imis­ing the chance of es­cape when preda­tors ap­proach. They also pro­vide a good arena for rod­ing. Dense ground vege­ta­tion, such as bracken and heather, of­fers strong pro­tec­tion for nest place­ment. Nests are built on the ground, which makes vig­i­lance against ground pre­da­tion all the more vi­tal. Wood­cock will feed on nearby earth­worms, spi­ders, mil­li­pedes and bee­tles. Wood­land fron­tiers be­tween damp, cov­ered soil and open, leaf-lit­tered nest­ing sites pro­vide the two key en­vi­ron­ments for Wood­cock.

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