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On 26 Jan­uary, a Red-flanked Blue­tail was found at Wern Ddu, Caer­phily, Glam­or­gan. The bird re­mained from then to well into Fe­bru­ary (at least), in­creas­ing the like­li­hood that the bird had been win­ter­ing there (hav­ing ar­rived dur­ing the au­tumn mi­gra­tion sea­son).


HOLY­HEAD AREA: A Yel­low-browed War­bler was at Sol­diers Point (1st). Treard­dur Bay held four Long-tailed Ducks, a Great North­ern Diver and four Pur­ple Sand­pipers. The In­land Sea had a Black-necked Grebe, 14 Scaup, a Mediter­ranean Gull and Wood­cock. Bed­dma­n­arch Bay held two Slavo­nian Grebes, two Great North­ern Divers, six Mediter­ranean Gulls and a Black Guille­mot. On the Alaw Es­tu­ary, there were two Green Sand­pipers, nine Green­shanks, 105 Pin­tails, a King­fisher and Mer­lin. Holy­head Bay held a Black-throated Diver, Great North­ern Diver, three Red-throated Divers, a Glau­cous Gull and 25 Great Crested Grebes. Val­ley Wet­lands logged a Yel­low-browed War­bler (2nd), Short-eared Owl, Marsh Har­rier, Com­mon Sand­piper, Green­shank, 2,000 Lap­wings and 250 Snipe. Holy­head Har­bour held a Glau­cous Gull, five Black Guille­mots and ten Red-breasted Mer­gansers. OTHER SITES: Five Cat­tle Egrets and nine Lit­tle Egrets were at Pont Mar­quis. Mall­traeth Marsh held a Bit­tern, Marsh Har­rier, Hen Har­rier, Mer­lin, 12 Whooper Swans, a Wa­ter Pipit, Wa­ter Rail, Cetti’s War­bler and ten Black-tailed God­wits. Red Wharf Bay had eight Jack Snipe, 275 Snipe and a Wa­ter Rail. Cem­lyn had a Whim­brel, Golden Plover, Grey Plover and King­fisher. Two Lit­tle Gulls were off Point Ly­nas. A Spot­ted Red­shank was at Mall­traeth. A Red-necked Grebe was in the Me­nai Straits. Llyn Lly­we­nan held a Long-tailed Duck and Marsh Har­rier. A Hooded Crow was at Llan­fachraeth. In Lligwy Bay, there were eight Great North­ern Divers, 25 Red-throated Divers, a Slavo­nian Grebe, 11 Brent Geese and nine San­der­ling. Ken Croft


HIGH­LIGHTS: Ten Whooper Swans flew up the River Wye at Pip­ton (1st). A Siberian Chif­fchaff joined two Com­mon Chif­fchaffs at Bre­con STW (from 15th). A Great Grey Shrike was in Taly­bont For­est (20th). Waxwings in­cluded 33 around Bre­con Hospi­tal, ten in Llang­y­nidr, nine in the Cn­wch area (Elan) and six in Llan­wrthwl. LLANGORSE LAKE: There were two Shel­ducks (1st), four Great White Egrets, four Lit­tle Egrets, 85 Snipe, a Jack Snipe, Green Sand­piper, 30,000 Star­lings, 247 Wi­geon, 51 Gad­wall, 41 Shov­el­ers, 29 Goosanders, 190 Tufted Ducks, 51 Gold­eneyes, six Pochards, a Pin­tail, Scaup (15th), 105 Her­ring Gulls, a Com­mon Gull and Yel­low-legged Gull. At Pen­north, nine Red Kites, 11 Sky­larks and four Reed Buntings fed in stub­bles. Llangorse vil­lage at­tracted 130 Yel­lowham­mers, 40 House Spar­rows, 30 Chaffinches, 20 Reed Buntings and ten Dun­nocks (18th). OTHER SITES: Wood­cocks were at Tirabad (two), Half­way For­est, Pen­celli, Allt-yr-es­gaer and Stock­ley Wood. Flocks of up to 30 Lesser Red­polls were at Bre­con and Allt-yr-es­gaer in the first week. Twelve Bram­blings fre­quented Buck­land Wood. Two Lit­tle Egrets in the Wye Val­ley were noted at Llyswen, Pip­ton and Ffordd Fawr. Fifty Golden Plovers were on Llan­de­falle Hill mid-month, with 77 Snipe, a Green Sand­piper and four Cross­bills on Mynydd Ill­tyd. Twenty Man­darins and 13 Gold­eneyes were at Dolymy­nach Reser­voir (20th). Pontsti­cill Reser­voir at­tracted 3,400 Her­ring Gulls (27th). Two Dip­pers and 65 Lin­nets were at Llan­genny (23rd). An­drew King, Keith No­ble and Mark Wal­dron


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Ring-necked Duck was on Maes­llyn, be­side Cors Caron, with a Great Grey Shrike nearby (1st). An­other Great Grey was at Cross Inn For­est (19th). An Ice­land Gull was near Aber­aeron (2nd) and at the Teifi es­tu­ary (3rd). Ynys­las held a Short-eared Owl (17th). A Great North­ern Diver was off Aberys­t­wyth (26th) where a Glau­cous Gull took up res­i­dence (from 21st). Two Snow Buntings were at Borth (19th), with one there (from 30th) and one at Llan­rhys­tud (28th). DYFI ES­TU­ARY: There were counts of 1,000 Wi­geon, 400 Pin­tails and 54 Grey Plovers. Ynys­las held six Black-tailed God­wits, 22 San­der­ling, a Mer­lin (4th), 800 Golden Plovers, 300 Lap­wings (16th), five pale-bel­lied Brent Geese and a Hen Har­rier. Ynys-hir had a Green Sand­piper (5th) and two Lesser Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers (17th). OTHER SITES: Eight Pur­ple Sand­pipers and a

Black Red­start re­mained at Aberys­t­wyth. Seventy Com­mon Scot­ers were there (28th), with 130 at Borth (17th). Llan­rhys­tud held 650 Golden Plovers (11th) and a Mer­lin (8th and 26th). Twelve Red-throated Divers were at New Quay (14th). Cors Caron logged 220 Wi­geon, 250 Lap­wings, 50 Snipe, a Green Sand­piper (26th), three Hen Har­ri­ers and three Whooper Swans. A Mer­lin (18th) and Scaup (30th) were at Llyn Eid­dwen. Four Whooper Swans were by Nant yr Arian (3rd-5th) and six at Llyn Pen­dam (12th). John A Davis (john­davis@mid­wales­bird­watch­ing.


HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Surf Scot­ers, two Vel­vet Scot­ers and 200 Com­mon Scot­ers were off Old Col­wyn (19th-28th). A Great North­ern Diver was off Rhos Point (29th). Two Scaup were off Lland­du­las (25th), with a Long-tailed Duck there (20th). Six Eurasian White-fronted Geese were at the River Cl­wyd, Rhyl (7th). One or two Black Red­starts were there, at Kin­mel Bay and at Rhos Point (7th-15th). There was a Scaup on the nearby Brick­works Pool (12th-19th). A Long-tailed Duck and 12 Bewick’s Swans re­mained through­out at Shotwick Fields and Boat­ing Lake. The Hen Har­rier re­mained at Fenn’s Moss. Waxwings were wide­spread and in­cluded 190 in Den­bigh, 150 at Kin­mel Bay, 64 at Rhyl, 60 in Ruthin and 50 in Wrex­ham. COASTAL SITES: Kin­mel Bay had a Glau­cous Gull, Towyn an Ice­land Gull and Rhos Point two Lit­tle Gulls plus a Slavo­nian Grebe (all 14th). Pen­rhyn Bay had five Scaup, a Slavo­nian Grebe and Firecrest (7th). Sixty Twite and 10 Spot­ted Red­shanks re­mained at Con­nah’s Quay, with a Com­mon Sand­piper also there (6th), Marsh Har­rier (22nd and 29th), Mer­lin, Pere­grine, Green­shank and King­fisher and large num­bers of Wi­geon. IN­LAND SITES: A Yel­low-legged Gull was at Gres­ford Flash (27th), with a Glau­cous Gull there (29th). Shov­el­ers, Goosanders and Tufted Ducks were there, with Man­darins on nearby Gres­ford Lake. Twelve Cross­bills were at Bod Petrual, Clo­caenog. Alyn Wa­ters CP had a Dip­per. Gar­den birds in Wrex­ham in­cluded six Dun­nocks dis­play­ing and sev­eral Black­caps. Bur­ton had two singing Song Thrushes. Nor­man Hal­las, Rev Hugh Linn and Richard Smith


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Red-flanked Blue­tail at Wern Ddu, Caer­philly (from 23rd) was the first county record. Two Siberian Chif­fchaffs and a Glau­cous Gull were reg­u­lar at Cardiff Bay, with an Ice­land Gull there (8th). Four­teen Bar­na­cle Geese were on Sker Point (3rd). A Bearded Tit was at Ken­fig Pool (17th). Waxwing flocks in­cluded 66 at New­port Road, Cardiff, and 26 in Barry, and there were ones and twos at Porth­cawl, Brid­gend and Merthyr Tyd­fil. OTHER SITES: Brent Geese were at Og­more Es­tu­ary (two) and Gile­ston (12). Scaup were at Cardiff Bay (eight), Ken­fig (four) and Cosme­ston (one). A Long-tailed Duck re­mained at Cardiff Bay and also vis­ited Cosme­ston. Twelve Goosanders were at The Wilder­ness Lake, Porth­cawl, with two Great North­ern Divers off­shore. Bit­terns were at Cardiff Bay, Cosme­ston and Ken­fig. Lit­tle Egrets were re­ported from Og­more Es­tu­ary, Water­ton and For­est Farm. Waders in­cluded a Com­mon Sand­piper at Og­more Es­tu­ary, Bar-tailed Godwit at Porth­cawl and 68 Snipe on the Ely flood­plain. Cardiff Bay held six Yel­low-legged Gulls. An­other was at Og­more Es­tu­ary, where a Wa­ter Pipit was win­ter­ing. Black Red­starts were at Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Univer­sity, River­side (Cardiff), Church Vil­lage, Gile­ston and South­ern­down. A Marsh Tit was at Cardiff Bay. Dun­raven held 60 Yel­lowham­mers and 20 Reed Buntings. Paul Roberts


HIGH­LIGHTS: Up to 35 Waxwings vis­ited three sites in the Llansam­let area. Some were also seen in the Cwm­fe­lin area of Swansea. Two Surf Scot­ers were in Rhos­silli Bay (22nd). A Snow Bunt­ing was at White­ford. OTHER SITES: Oxwich had 60 Snipe, three Jack Snipe and 60 Teal. The Burry In­let held 319 Brent Geese, 336 Wi­geon, 121 Shov­el­ers, 35 Scaup, 460 Dun­lin, 625 Black-tailed God­wits, 83 Bar-tailed God­wits, 230 Knot, four Green­shanks, two Great White Egrets and a Green Sand­piper. Rhos­silli had four Long-tailed Ducks, a Hen Har­rier and two Red Kites. Mum­bles had 58 Turn­stones and a Pur­ple Sand­piper. Llan­rhid­ian had Hen Har­ri­ers and a Marsh Har­rier. There were 15 Teal on Tir John pond. Crum­lyn Bog had 500 Star­lings, 200 Jack­daws, a Buz­zard and ten Red­wings. Nine Pur­ple Sand­pipers and ten Shags were at Porteynon. Neath salt­marsh held 15 Wi­geon, 104 Canada Geese, 200 Black-headed Gulls and two Lit­tle Grebes. Terry Tovey


HIGH­LIGHTS: Ten Waxwings were at Bul­wark (7th-8th), with six at Cwm­bran (16th-25th), six at Mon­mouth (19th-21st) and one at Grif­fith­stown. Two Black Red­starts were at New­port Wet­lands (2nd), with a Great White Egret there (13th). Bit­terns were there (23rd) and at Betws Ponds (30th) NEW­PORT WET­LANDS RE­SERVE: There were seven Bearded Tits (6th), three Avo­cets (7th), three Wa­ter Pip­its (14th), a Mer­lin (18th), dark-bel­lied Brent Goose (21st) and a Marsh Har­rier (22nd). OTHER SITES: Lesser Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers were at Llan­degfedd Reser­voir (3rd), Llan­tilio Pert­ho­ley (3rd) and Llane­len (21st). Short-eared Owls were at Wau­na­fon Bog (7th and 28th), Sluice Farm (16th) and Ro­giet (20th). A Marsh Har­rier was at Red­wick (22nd). A Scaup was at Peter­stone Gout (4th), with a Jack Snipe there (15th). Two Bewick’s Swans were at Llangybi (20th). A Barn Owl was seen at Ebbw Vale (20th). Chris Hatch


Waxwings were wide­spread and nu­mer­ous through­out, with a big­gest flock of 50 in New­town. Many were re­ported from pri­vate gar­dens. A Hen Har­rier was recorded on the Cors Dyfi re­serve (5th) and a Great White Egret was in the area (7th). Records from pri­vate gar­dens in­cluded Black­caps, Bram­blings, Lesser Red­polls, Red­wings, Field­fares and many Siskins. At Llyn Coed y Di­nas, a Bit­tern ap­peared (23rd), stay­ing for sev­eral days, and what may have been the same bird was seen at Dolydd Hafren a few days later. The star record from this site was a Bearded Tit (31st), a new record for the county. Other sight­ings here in­cluded Goosanders, a flock of 50 Wi­geons, 40 Curlews and sev­eral re­ports of Chif­fchaffs. A male Marsh Har­rier was noted (16th). Bray­ton Holt


ELAN VAL­LEY: Man­darins were present in un­prece­dented num­bers, with 67 shared be­tween Dol y My­nach, Gar­reg Ddu and Ca­ban. Six­teen Gold­eneyes, eight Teal, three Jack Snipe, a Mer­lin and Hen Har­rier were also seen. Five Red Grouse were on Moel­fryn Mawr. El­ven Goosanders were on Peny­gar­reg Reser­voir. Thirty Cross­bills, three Wood­cocks, 35 Red­polls, 40 Siskins and 75 Chaffinches were in Gwaelod Plan­ta­tion. A Dip­per and King­fisher were at Llan­erch y Cawr. Green Wood­peck­ers, Barn Owls, Marsh Tits and Bram­blings were at Glan­nau and Tyn­l­lidiart. RAD­NOR FOR­EST: Black Mixen held a Mer­lin, Hen Har­rier, three Red Grouse and 15 Golden Plovers. Wil­low Tits, 35 Cross­bills, Wood­cocks, 70 Red­polls and 140 Siskins were at Ffor­est Fach and Woodgate. Rocky Wood held Wood­cocks, 20 Cross­bills, 60 Chaffinches, five Bram­blings and 15 Red­polls. Har­ley Din­gle had a Stonechat, Yel­lowham­mer, Dip­per, Barn Owl, Mer­lin and Marsh Tit. WYE VAL­LEY: Green Sand­pipers were at Glas­bury, Llowes and Pwll Patti where 65 Wi­geon, 80 Teal, 70 Mal­lards, Tree Spar­row, Coot and Lit­tle Egret were also seen. A Great White Egret was at Glas­bury, Llowes and Bronydd. Cwm­bach logged Meadow Pipit, Yel­lowham­mer, 12 Snipe, 350 Field­fares, 80 Red­wings, Red-legged Par­tridge and Pere­grine. Lit­tle Grebes were at Ffor­est Fawr, Llowes and Clyro where a Mer­lin and Whooper Swan were seen. Twenty Goosanders were at Glas­bury and six at Boughrood. Lit­tle Egrets were at Aberedw and New­bridge. Man­darins were at seven sites to­talling 33 birds. Bronydd held 180 Canada Geese and 44 Mute Swans. OTHER SITES: King­fish­ers were at Knighton, Peny­bont, New­bridge and Llanstephan. Waxwings were at 12 sites in­clud­ing New­bridge (66), Llan­drindod/howey (60) and Knighton (70). Llyn Heilyn held 23 Wi­geon, 25 Teal, four Goosanders, a Stonechat, Snipe, Coot, Reed Bunt­ing, Kestrel and Grey Wag­tail. Green Sand­pipers were at Peny­bont and Llan­bis­ter. Flocks of Golden Plovers were at Llan­bis­ter, Maelinydd, Beg­wyns, Red Hill, St Har­mon, Ire­land Moor and Aberedw Hill. Rhos­goch had 120 Snipe, 15 Jack Snipe, 18 Reed Buntings, a Hen Har­rier, Wa­ter Rail, 80 Red­polls and 45 Siskins. Wa­ter Rails were at Llan­drindod Lake, Pen­trosfa, New­bridge Bog, Cors y Llyn, Glas­bury, Peny­bont Lake, Howey and Nant­mel Tip. Black­caps were recorded in gar­dens at Llan­bis­ter Road, Llan­drindod and Presteigne. Pete Jen­nings (01588 680 631)

Long-tailed Duck, Pwll­crochan, Pem­brokeshire, 8 Jan­uary

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