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In some ways, Red-breasted Geese are al­ways con­tentious, a fate they share with many rare wild­fowl species. Be­ing rather or­na­men­tal in ap­pear­ance, they are of­ten kept in col­lec­tions. Some are ticked, some are not. One was with Pink-footed Geese and European White-fronted Geese at sites in Lan­cashire (par­tic­u­larly Cock­er­ham Moss), from 4th into Fe­bru­ary.


WOOLSTON EYES: Ring­ing ac­tiv­i­ties on No1 bed gave Goldcrest, Bullfinch, Reed Bunt­ing, Song Thrush, Great Tit, Blue Tit and Dun­nock. No1 bed records in­cluded a Green Wood­pecker, Pere­grine, three Buz­zards, three Stock Doves, five Wood­cocks, three Tawny Owls, a Cetti’s War­bler, 19 Pink­feet, a Chif­fchaff, Barn Owl, Nuthatch, eight Yel­lowham­mers and 20,000 Star­lings. No3 bed Ring­ing Team had Moorhen, Coal Tit, Teal, Bullfinch, Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker, Goldcrest, Green­finch and Chaffinch. No3 bed records in­cluded three Wood­cocks, a Bar­na­cle Goose, Green Sand­piper, two Wa­ter Rails, a Siberian Chif­fchaff and Waxwing. Re­serve-wide counts in­cluded three Goosanders, two Gold­eneyes, 303 Tufted Ducks, 25 Long-tailed Tits, 67 Mal­lards, 27 Shel­ducks, 50 Shov­el­ers, four Wil­low Tits, nine Mute Swans, 1,000 Teal, 18 Gad­wall and 60 Moorhens. Dave Steel


HIGH­LIGHTS: A prob­a­ble Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Sid­dick Ponds (2nd), with a Ring-necked Duck there (21st-22nd) and Bit­tern (23rd). A Great White Egret was at Humphrey Head (5th). An­other was at Kents Bank (15th), plus two Jack Snipe. A White-tailed Ea­gle was re­ported over For­est Head (20th). The Great Grey Shrike re­mained at Soddy Gap. A Hooded Crow was at White­haven (1st-18th), with a Black Red­start there (16th) and Black Guille­mot (16th-19th). A Spoon­bill was at Wal­ney Is­land (11th). A Shore Lark and eight Snow Buntings were on Helvel­lyn (21st). A Lit­tle Stint was at Port Carlisle (27th). A Hawfinch was in a Beetham gar­den (30th).


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Great White Egret was in the Hor­rock’s Flash area (3rd-21st). A Caspian Gull was at Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs on and off (1st-24th), with an­other at Pen­ning­ton Flash (18th). Glau­cous Gulls were at Pen­ning­ton Flash (24th-31st) and Cu­tacre CP, Bolton (29th). Three tun­dra Bean Geese were be­tween Part­ing­ton and War­bur­ton (2nd). A Short-eared Owl was at Ir­lam Moss (1st). MERSEY VAL­LEY: Ten Ring-necked Para­keets were at Chorl­ton WP, with six more at Chorl­ton Ees. Ten Bram­blings were in the Car­ring­ton Moss/shell NR area (1st-20th). A Lit­tle Owl was on Car­ring­ton Moss. EL­TON RESER­VOIR: Two Scaup were present late in the month, with a Waxwing (24th) and a Bit­tern (27th). A Lit­tle Egret was in the area (6th-25th) with two (28th-30th). PEN­NING­TON FLASH: Two Com­mon Scot­ers

dropped in (1st), with four more (20th). The Long-tailed Duck and four Scaup re­mained through­out. Two Ice­land Gulls, a Yel­low-legged Gull and two Mediter­ranean Gulls roosted on and off (7th-30th). There was a Bit­tern (19th), three Lit­tle Egrets, a Mer­lin (6th) and two Bram­blings (21st).

OTHER SITES: Waxwings were wide­spread and in­cluded 83 in Bolton, 60 in Wigan, 51 in Sc­holes, 50 in Hyde, 45 at Wythen­shawe Hospi­tal, 40 in Hulme, 40 at Ince in Mak­er­field, 38 in Sal­ford, 33 in Moss­ley and 30 in Manch­ester City Cen­tre, Ast­ley Green and Gat­ley. Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs logged Ice­land Gulls (1st and 18th-24th), 29 Whooper Swans (20th), and two Long-tailed Ducks and a Scaup all month. Ice­land Gulls were at Daisy Nook CP, Failsworth (20th-24th) and over Hor­rock’s Flash (23rd). A Scaup was on Low­er­croft Reser­voirs (30th). A Bit­tern was at Bryn Marsh (14th-21st). Four Bram­blings were at Binn Green, Dove­stones (13th). A Chif­fchaff was at Hope Carr (14th). Dr Paul Brew­ster (01606 590 491)


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Red-breasted Goose was at Marsh­side (4th) and in the Over Wyre area of Fylde (from 9th). A Todd’s Canada Goose was with Pink­feet in the same area (20th-21st). A blue-phase Lesser Snow Goose was at Martin Mere and Marsh­side early in the month, and near Nateby, Fylde (28th). A Great Grey Shrike was near Eagland Hill (14th and 22nd). A Green-winged Teal was at Martin Mere, with a Red-crested Pochard there (to 2nd). A Coue’s Arc­tic Red­poll was at Billinge Hall (De­cem­ber 30th).

EAST LAN­CASHIRE: Waxwings in­cluded 108 at Black­burn, 110 at Padi­ham, 50 at Worsthorne, 30 at Adling­ton and 37 at Chor­ley. Two Bit­terns were at Brock­holes (4th), with one re­main­ing (to 31st). A Long-tailed Duck was there (25th). A Glau­cous Gull, two Ice­land Gulls and a Kum­lien’s Gull roosted at Fish­moor Reser­voir. Two Scaup were at Al­ston Reser­voir, with sin­gles at Clow­bridge and Stocks Reser­voir. The lat­ter site had ten Rus­sian White-fronted Geese.

FYLDE RE­GION: Over 400 Whooper Swans and a few Bewick’s Swans were near Cock­er­sands Abbey. Sixty-one Whoop­ers were at Lodge Lane, War­ton (16th). Some 7,000 Pink­feet in the Pilling-cock­er­ham area held 20 Rus­sian White­fronts, three tun­dra and one taiga Bean Geese, a Bar­na­cle Goose and a Brent Goose. Two Marsh Har­ri­ers were on the Rib­ble Marshes. Three Short-eared Owls were at We­sham Marsh. A few Lit­tle Gulls were off­shore (10th-12th). An Ice­land Gull was at Fleet­wood. Glau­cous Gulls were there, at Lytham (16th), and near Knott End. Great White Egrets were on War­ton Marsh, with two (18th), and at Con­der Green and Glas­son Dock (12th-31st). A Bit­tern was at Fleet­wood Na­ture Park (22nd), with five Bearded Tits there (1st). Green Sand­pipers were near Sin­gle­ton (8th) and Lit­tle Ec­cle­ston (21st). One or two Pur­ple Sand­pipers were at Fleet­wood (2nd) and North Shore (30th). Waxwings in­cluded 70 in Preston, 12 at Mar­ton, 30 at St Anne’s, and four at North Blackpool. Black Red­starts were at St Wal­burga’s Church, Preston and Knott End. Twite in­cluded 70 near Cock­er­sands and 20 at Cocker’s Dyke, Knott End. Three Wa­ter Pip­its were at The Heads, Stay­nall (15th). Eagland Hill had 80 Corn Buntings and 15 Yel­lowham­mers.

MAR­TON MERE: Just one Long-eared Owl win­tered. There was an Ice­land Gull, Bit­tern, Red-breasted Mer­ganser (2nd), 145 Wi­geon and three Gold­eneyes. SW

LAN­CASHIRE-N MERSEY­SIDE: The Hes­keth Bank area had 700 Whooper and 18 Bewick’s Swans. Two Great White Egrets roosted on South­port Marine Lake, with an­other at Burscough (18th). There were 250 Twite at South­port Pier. Three tun­dra Bean Geese were at Marsh­side (13th) and one at Alt­car (17th), where a dark-bel­lied Brent Goose was seen (17th-18th). A Hen Har­rier was on the South Rib­ble Marshes through­out. Four Short-eared Owls were at Lunt and Garston CP. Bit­terns were at Mere Sands Wood and Kirkby. Waxwings were in sev­eral ar­eas of Liver­pool. Mau­rice Jones


HIGH­LIGHTS: The two Long-tailed Ducks re­mained at Pine Lake, with a Scaup there from mid-month. A Bit­tern was a site-first at Mid­dle­ton NR (from 28th).

HEYSHAM BIRD OB­SER­VA­TORY: Wild­fowl in­cluded 11 Gad­wall, a Scaup (9th) and two Pochards. There was the most sig­nif­i­cant Snipe in­flux seen for many years, with 98 Snipe and three Jack Snipe on Ocean Edge salt­marsh. Two Mediter­ranean Gulls were noted. A Kit­ti­wake fol­lowed the Isle of Man Ferry into port (3rd). A Red-throated Diver (1st), Lit­tle Gull (11th) and Shag (30th) were off­shore. A Cetti’s War­bler was at Mid­dle­ton, where a Grey Wag­tail was win­ter­ing.

LEIGHTON MOSS: There were five Whooper Swans and two Bit­terns (1st). Two European White-fronted Geese were with Grey­lags and Pink­feet on the Eric More­cambe salt­marsh (27th). Two Great White Egrets joined the Lit­tle Egret roost. Three Marsh Har­ri­ers re­mained through­out, as did a pair of Stonechats. There was a Chif­fchaff (12th) and ten Waxwings (7th). Eighty 80 Siskins were joined by ten Lesser Red­polls (from 17th). The 2,500 Lap­wings were joined by Golden Plovers (19th). Bearded Tits were seen reg­u­larly. The Star­ling flock reached an as­ton­ish­ing 70,000 birds, but un­for­tu­nately not as a view­ing spec­ta­cle, as they re­lo­cated to Sil­verdale Moss.

LUNE ES­TU­ARY: Ald­cliffe logged a Bar­na­cle Goose (29th), the win­ter­ing Green­shank, a Chif­fchaff, and two Jack Snipe (16th).

WAXWINGS: Two flocks of 23 and 12 in Lan­caster (1st) in­cluded an Aberdeen­shireringed bird. There were four at Yealand Red­mayne (8th), 18 in Lan­caster (10th), 12 in Hornby (from 13th), 15 in Carn­forth (16th), four in Lan­caster (20th) with gath­er­ings of be­tween 12 and 28 in south Lan­caster (from 21st), and 54 near Sk­er­ton Bridge (from 27th). Kevin Kelly and Pete Marsh

Waxwing, Black­burn, Lan­cashire, Jan­uary

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