Let’s all re­con­nect with na­ture

Bird Watching (UK) - - Your View - Brenda Bur­ton

I just wish to say that I agree whole­heart­edly with Bo Be­olens (Bird Watch­ing March 2017). While I be­lieve it is im­por­tant to have a work/life bal­ance, I feel it is the cur­rent trend for peo­ple to be al­ways ‘do­ing’ in­stead of ‘be­ing’. We seem to have so much to do and so much we can do. In my line of work, I find my­self giv­ing peo­ple per­mis­sion to con­tem­plate, watch a bird or no­tice the sea. Peo­ple of­ten say to me that they feel they do not have time to do this or there are more ‘worth­while’ ac­tiv­i­ties they should be do­ing. We have for­got­ten the art of sim­ply ‘be­ing’ and how ben­e­fi­cial this is to our lives as a whole. Let’s all re­con­nect with na­ture and thus our­selves, let’s be­come hu­man be­ings again in­stead of hu­man do­ings. Thank you so much for this ar­ti­cle. I in­tend to show it to my friends and col­leagues. I also in­tend to see if I can get some peo­ple in­ter­ested in vis­it­ing my lo­cal RSPB.

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