I pho­tographed this red-eyed bird while on hol­i­day in Ba­gan

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QI pho­tographed the at­tached bird at our ho­tel in Ba­gan and noted the red eyes be­fore I checked the field guide. The Streak-eared Bul­bul, a com­mon Myan­mar bird, is as non­de­script but with pale eyes. The Olive-winged Bul­bul has red eyes but yel­low­ish-green wing fringes, and in Myan­mar is ap­par­ently con­fined to the south­ern coastal strip of Te­nasserim. So, which is this? Mike Had­drell, Wan­tage

AWe think this an Olive-winged Bul­bul, be­cause, as you say, those red eyes are re­ally very strik­ing, and it fits the bill well in other re­spects where plumage and struc­ture are con­cerned. Range maps in field guides are only ap­prox­i­mate, not least be­cause in the time since the guide was put to­gether, a species’ range may have changed con­sid­er­ably. But in­di­vid­ual birds also roam out­side their usual range, of course, so there’s al­ways a chance of some­thing turn­ing up out of its usual con­text.

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