How lovely to see an­other Waxwing – 51 years later!

Bird Watching (UK) - - Location North Norfolk -

Here’s a photo I took out­side my home in Cheshire one af­ter­noon in late March. I had been out work­ing tidy­ing up the gar­den. It was a beau­ti­ful af­ter­noon and I ‘glo­ried’ bask­ing in the warmth of the sun. I had al­ready spot­ted a Robin, ob­vi­ously at the be­gin­ning of nest build­ing. The next thing I heard the sort of un­mis­take­able ‘chur­rring’ that baby birds make when a par­ent re­turns to the nest with the next feed. Heck, that Robin has nested early, I thought. High in the neigh­bours’ three Sy­camore trees was a gath­er­ing of birds that seemed to be be­tween, in size, Song and Mis­tle Thrushes. The crests be­came un­mis­take­able. I watched the group for about 15 mins. I as­sumed the spec­ta­cle would last but a few min­utes be­fore they left. The last time I saw a Waxwing was in the school gar­den in Shav­ing­ton, Cheshire, when I was aged 11 – 51 years ago. The lone bird stayed around the school gar­den for a few days in the win­ter of that year, feed­ing on the boun­ti­ful berries. The ‘pic­ture’ of the bird re­mained clearly in my mind for all those years. What a joy to see one again, and so many! Chris Dodd

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