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HIGH­LIGHTS: The tun­dra Bean Goose was at Thrump­ton and At­ten­bor­ough un­til the 15th. Up to eight were at Lound (4th-12th). A Black-throated Diver was at Holme Pier­re­pont (15th) and quickly re­lo­cated to Hover­ing­ham (to 21st). LOUND: Up to 20 White-fronted Geese were present through­out, as well as 93 Whooper Swans, and a skein of 154 Pink­feet was noted. Two Great White Egrets were seen. Waders in­cluded four Ruff, a Green Sand­piper, two Ringed Plovers, a Curlew, Grey Plover and Wood­cock. A Black-necked Grebe was noted, as well as some Pin­tail. Rap­tors in­cluded up to three Short-eared Owls, a Red Kite, Mer­lin, Marsh Har­rier and Pere­grine. Up to 20 Bram­blings were noted, and a Waxwing was in a pri­vate gar­den in the vil­lage. A Firecrest was seen (20th). AT­TEN­BOR­OUGH: Two White-fronted Geese were seen (1st & 24th). A Bit­tern was seen early in the month. Forty Whooper Swans passed through (13th). Up to three Pin­tail were seen. A Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker was seen (8th) and a Firecrest was also noted. LANG­FORD LOWFIELDS: A White-fronted Goose was seen along with two Pin­tail. Two Bit­terns were noted and a Great White Egret. Up to two Red­shanks were noted. Bearded Tits peaked at five, and three Stonechats were seen. A Firecrest was seen (22nd). A Marsh Har­rier was also seen. HOVER­ING­HAM: The gull roost was pro­duc­tive with up to two Glau­cous and two Caspi­ans, as well as sev­eral Med Gulls, and a Yel­low-legged Gull. Two Smew were present, plus five White­fronts and three Whooper Swans. An early Turn­stone was noted (13th), and a Jack Snipe the next day, and two Curlew were noted. A Black-necked Grebe was present un­til the 19th and a Red-breasted Mer­ganser was present through­out. A Red Kite flew through (14th). OTHER SIGHT­INGS: Whooper Swans were wide­spread with four at Bar­ton through­out, and others at Mans­field, Gring­ley (30 and 55) and two at Bass­ing­field. White-fronted Geese num­bered 45 at An­nes­ley, with others at Gir­ton, Besthorpe and Bar­ton. Three hun­dred Pink­feet flew over Clum­ber. A Slavo­nian Grebe was at Colling­ham. Cotham Tip held up to three Glau­cous Gulls, and Ice­land and some Caspi­ans and Yel­low-legs. A Caspian was also at Holme Pier­re­pont. Two Scaup re­mained at Kilv­ing­ton, and others were at Gir­ton and Colling­ham. Smew were at Colling­ham and Kilv­ing­ton, and five were at Holme Pier­re­pont. The Eakring Gar­ganey re­mained. Two Jack Snipe were at Holme Pier­re­pont and Nether­field, and 30-plus Snipe were seen at both sites the same morn­ing, and 54 were seen at Hod­sock. A Com­mon Sand­piper win­tered at Holme Pier­re­pont and an­other was at Stoke Bar­dolph. Five Curlew were at Colling­ham, and others were seen at Holme Pier­re­pont, Gun­thorpe and Gring­ley, while 160 Golden Plovers were at Ben­ner­ley Marsh. A Black-tailed God­wit was at Besthorpe. Up to six Short-eared Owls were at Kilv­ing­ton, and Red Kites were in sev­eral lo­cal­i­ties, A Hen Har­rier was seen around the Car­rlands in the north, and Goshawks were at Wel­beck Watch­point and An­nes­ley Pit Top. Waxwings were wide­spread, with 126 at Ed­win­stowe, 70 at King’s Clip­stone, 100 in Mans­field and 95 in Huck­nall, plus many more else­where. A Ring-necked Para­keet was at the For­est Recre­ation Ground, Not­ting­ham. Stonechat were at Holme Pier­re­pont, Bar­ton in Fabis, Gedling Pit and up to three at Nether­field. Up to 10 Hawfinches were noted at Ruf­ford. A Black Red­start was at Comp­ton Acres in West Bridg­ford, and a Great Grey Shrike put in a brief ap­pear­ance at Nor­man­ton on Soar. Tom Shields

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