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ISLAY: Loch Gru­inart held 850 Golden Plovers, 6,990 Bar­na­cle Geese, 149 Green­land White­fronts, 304 Lap­wings, 121 Shel­ducks, 219 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 82 Ringed Plovers, 72 San­der­ling, 91 Dun­lin, 142 Bar-tailed God­wits, 117 Curlews, 30 Com­mon Gulls, a Wa­ter Rail, four Hen Har­ri­ers and a Green-winged Teal. A Snow Bunting, Mer­lin, 100 Twite and a Hen Har­rier were at The Oa. A Glau­cous Gull was at Bruich­lad­dich and an Ice­land Gull in the Sound of Islay. Three White-tailed Ea­gles and a Glau­cous Gull were on Loch In­daal. A Great Grey Shrike, Hen Har­rier, Treecreeper and Bullfinch were at Brid­gend. A Whim­brel was on Jura. Cack­ling Canada Geese were at Bal­ly­grant and Loch In­daal. There were 41 pale-bel­lied Brent Geese at Car­nain. A Grey Wag­tail was at Loch Sk­er­rols. There were eight Ful­mars, 43 Choughs, a Mer­lin and Hen Har­rier at Kil­choman. Two Whooper Swans, 11 Gold­eneyes and four Pochards were at Ard­nave Loch. Two Dip­pers and a King­fisher were on the River Sorn. A White-tailed Ea­gle was near Bow­more. A Golden Ea­gle was on the Rhinns. A Pur­ple Sand­piper and four Grey Plovers were be­tween Bow­more and Gart­breck. Six Red­wings and 12 Field­fares were at Coil­l­abus. A Pink-footed Goose was at Kinnabus. A Ring-billed Gull was at Craigens. The ferry be­tween Islay and Ken­nacraig logged 14 Great North­ern Divers, a Black-throated Diver, seven Red-throated Divers, 54 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, two Kit­ti­wakes, 47 Black Guillemots and two White-tailed Ea­gles. TIREE: The Green-winged Teal re­mained at Loch a’ Phuill (to 15th). A White-tailed Ea­gle was in West Tiree (10th-11th). Seven Glau­cous Gulls and two Ice­land Gulls were logged. La­p­land Buntings were at Clachan (12th) and Bar­rapol (15th), with a Snow Bunting at Traigh nan Gilean (22nd). Scarci­ties in­cluded five Lit­tle Grebes, a Scaup, Moorhen and three Gad­wall at Loch a’ Phuill, a mori­bund Long-eared Owl at Hough, a Lit­tle Auk off Aird, two Puffins off Hynish, a Jack­daw at Cross­apol, Mis­tle Thrushes at Salum and Bale­phuil, a Car­rion Crow at Moss and Pied Wag­tails at Bale­phetr­ish Bay, Bali­noe and Traigh nan Gilean. Max­ima in­cluded 32 Shov­el­ers, 383 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 1,210 Com­mon Gulls and 500 Red­wings. The first Black-headed Gulls re­turned (5th) with 40 back (28th). The first Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Loch a’ Phuill (21st). A count (14th-15th) found 4,674 Bar­na­cle Geese, 1,804 Grey­lags, 911 Green­land White­fronts, three Pink­feet, 147 Whooper Swans, 2,710 Golden Plovers and 2,970 Lap­wings. Phill Cat­ton (­lay­ and John Bowler (

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