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The first adult Cuck­oos may well have left the coun­try by now, head­ing to Africa for the ‘win­ter’. In July and Au­gust their off­spring will be be­ing fed gi­gan­tic quan­ti­ties of in­sects by their host fam­i­lies of Reed War­blers, Meadow Pip­its, Dun­nocks and so on. The plump gi­ants in the nest make anoma­lously high-pitched squeaks to stim­u­late their foster par­ents to keep feeding them more and more. Young Cuck­oos af­ter fledg­ing can look par­tic­u­larly like Spar­rowhawks, be­ing browner and more barred and spot­ted than their bi­o­log­i­cal par­ents, and with wings that are ini­tially blunter than adult Cuckoo wings (un­til the pri­maries grow fully).

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