Is this bird that I pho­tographed in Spain an ea­gle?

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Qpho­tographed this bird from a car while on hol­i­day in Ex­tra­madura, Spain. Is it an ea­gle, and if so, which one? Peter Tay­lor, via email

AEx­tremadura is a great place to find ea­gles, in­clud­ing Golden and Span­ish Im­pe­rial, but we’re afraid this is a rather com­moner rap­tor, the Red Kite. The long, slim pro­file and the grey head are both vis­i­ble, and there’s a ru­fous tone to the up­per­parts, too. You can also see one half of the deep fork in the long tail, too, a very dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of the species, and one that sets it apart from its close rel­a­tive the Black Kite (which is also found in the Ex­tremadura area).

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