Bird Watching (UK) - - July Id Challenge -

Many of our ha­bit­u­ally swim­ming birds have webbed feet. How­ever, just be­cause a bird has non-webbed toes doesn’t mean it doesn’t swim. Birds with webbed feet in­clude all our wild­fowl (swans, geese and ducks), cor­morants and Gan­net, tubenoses (pe­trels and shear­wa­ters), divers, gulls and terns. How­ever, grebes have lobed (not webbed) feet, as do Coots, and to a lesser ex­tent, Moorhens and phalaropes (phalarope means ‘coot foot’), which are lit­tle waders. It may not be the first thing you no­tice when iden­ti­fy­ing a bird, but a lit­tle knowl­edge when out in the field (or by the wa­ter) can al­ways help...

Shags have webbed feet

Coots have lobed feet

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