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Hang on a minute, this bird doesn’t fit the con­ven­tional idea of a wa­ter bird. It looks like a passer­ine (perch­ing or song bird), for starters. Shape-wise, it looks a bit like a thrush, though a par­tic­u­larly rounded and short-tailed one, like a baby Blackbird; or even a bit like a Wren. But us­ing the time-hon­oured tech­nique of com­par­ing its head size to the rest of the body (where, in gen­eral, large head equates to small size and small head means a larger bird), this ap­pears to be a larger bird than a Wren. One thrush-like, Wren-shaped bird is renowned for stand­ing on rocks in streams – the Dip­per. The grey and white, speck­led plumage point to this be­ing a ju­ve­nile Dip­per.


†Shape of a Wren or young Blackbird †Grey and white, scaly plumage †Long legs and perch­ing bird feet †White eye ring, white wing bar

Dark above, speck­led grey be­low Shaped like a thrush or gi­ant Wren Rocky stream habi­tat a big clue

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