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HIGH­LIGHTS: Bird of the month was a Rock Thrush on St Mar­tin’s (6th-15th). A Red-throated Diver was in Porth Cressa and a Short-eared Owl at Porth Hel­lick (1st). The Ibe­rian Chif­fchaff reap­peared in the Dump Clump, St Mary’s (2nd), when two Short-eared Owls were on Tresco and the first Puffins seen. A Pur­ple Heron was on St Mary’s (3rd-4th). A Lit­tle Bit­tern was on Lower Moors (4th) and Porth Hel­lick (5th) where it was joined by two Pur­ple Herons. A Stone-curlew was on Bry­her (5th). One Pur­ple Heron com­muted be­tween Lower Moors and Porth Hel­lick (6th-11th). Ring Ouzels were re­ported from most is­lands. A West­ern Subalpine War­bler was on St Agnes (9th-11th), with a Hoopoe there (9th-10th). A Gar­ganey was on Lower Moors (9th). A Red-rumped Swal­low was at Porth Hel­lick and a Wry­neck on St Mar­tin’s (10th). An­other Red-rumped Swal­low was on Tresco (11th). A Wood­chat Shrike was on Tresco with a Pied Flycatcher on St Agnes and a Jack­daw on St Mary’s (12th). An­other Wry­neck was on St Mar­tin’s (15th). A Lit­tle Tern was on Bry­her (17th). A Marsh Harrier flew over Porth Hel­lick and the first Whin­chat was on St Agnes (18th). A Wood Sand­piper was at Porth Hel­lick (from 19th), when the first Cuckoo was heard. A

Bee-eater flew over Mid­dle Town to­wards Lower Town, St Mar­tin’s (20th). The first Swift flew over St Mar­tin’s (21st), when an­other Red-rumped Swal­low was at New Grimsby. A Hoopoe was on St Agnes (21st23rd). A Pur­ple Heron flew over St Mary’s and St Agnes (21st). A Pied Flycatcher was on the Gar­ri­son (22nd). An­other Lit­tle Bit­tern was on Lower Moors (from 22nd). A Richard’s Pipit was on Bry­her (23rd). Wood War­blers were at Trenoweth and on Bry­her (23rd), when a Golden Ori­ole was on St Mar­tin’s. Two Black-winged Stilts were on Lower Moors (23rd) then at the Great Pool Tresco (from 24th). A Short-toed Lark set­tled on the Air­port be­fore mov­ing to Penin­nis Head (23rd-30th). A Blue-headed Wag­tail was in Lower Moors (23rd), with it, or an­other, on Tresco (24th). Golden Orioles were in Water­mill (24th) and at Porth Hel­lick (26th). A Grey­lag was on Tresco (28th). A Hoopoe and Wood War­bler were at Lower Moors (29th). A Lit­tle Ringed Plover was on Lower Moors, a Black Kite over Porth Hel­lick and a Corn Bunting on St Mary’s (30th). Richard’s Pip­its were on Bry­her and St Mar­tin’s (30th), with two Blue-headed Wag­tails and a Grey headed Wag­tail on Tresco.

Will Wagstaff

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