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A com­pre­hen­sive round-up of birds seen on your patch dur­ing June


The rarest bird of the month was un­doubt­edly the El­e­gant Tern seen on Brownsea Is­land NT, Dorset, (21 June) then in the mouth of Poole Har­bour (22nd), which was the same colour-ringed in­di­vid­ual tem­po­rar­ily re­lo­cat­ing from West Sus­sex. Other­wise, the rarest birds seen were two Lit­tle Shear­wa­ters pho­tographed 40km south of the Devon coast on 2 June. AVON SEVERNSIDE: Lit­tle Ringed Plovers re­mained at two coastal sites with birds dis­play­ing but no ev­i­dence of breed­ing suc­cess. A Spoon­bill dropped in at Pil­ning Wet­lands (3rd). Good sea­watch days at Sev­ern Beach pro­duced two Ful­mars and up to two Arc­tic Skuas (6th-11th), an Arc­tic and a Sand­wich Tern (6th), a Guille­mot (11th), a male Com­mon Scoter (12th) and a fe­male (23rd), sin­gle Storm Pe­trels (6th & 23rd) and a max­i­mum of nine Gan­nets (6th). Best counts of Manx Shear­wa­ters here were 120 (9th) and 80 (25th). On the 25th there were two Kit­ti­wakes here and a Ful­mar was seen from Port­bury Wharf. Shep­par­dine (Old­bury) had nine Knot (19th). Less usual waders around Sev­ern Beach/north­wick Warth in­cluded a Grey Plover (2nd), two Curlew Sand­pipers (11th), and an un­sea­sonal Snipe (3rd & 7th). Two Mediter­ranean Gulls (adult and first-sum­mer) turned up (22nd). A ju­ve­nile Yel­low Wag­tail (5th) was un­ex­pected. A sec­ond-sum­mer Yel­low-legged Gull at Lit­tle­ton Warth (10th) was un­usual here. PORTISHEAD AND CLEVEDON AREA: The best of the waders were three Whim­brels and a Bar-tailed Godwit (5th). WE­STON-SU­PER-MARE AREA: Sea­watch­ing from An­chor Head (6th) pro­duced 11 Ful­mars, 82 Manx Shear­wa­ters, 31 Gan­nets and a Kit­ti­wake. THE RESER­VOIRS: Lit­ton Reser­voirs held an im­ma­ture fe­male Scaup and an un­sea­son­able White Wag­tail (both 16th). Chew’s White­fronted Goose of un­known prove­nance had the de­cency to dis­ap­pear af­ter the 2nd. A fe­male Gold­en­eye was at Chew (1st-23rd), then an im­ma­ture turned up at Bar­row Gur­ney (27th). Five Com­mon Scot­ers ap­peared at Chew (29th). A Great White Egret at Blag­don (8th) and Chew (9th) may have been the same bird. Gulls at Chew in­cluded a Lit­tle Gull (30th) and one or two im­ma­ture Yel­low-legged Gulls for much of the month. OTHER SITES: Red Kite seems to be well es­tab­lished in the county this sum­mer with feed­ing flocks of up to eight re­ported from many lo­ca­tions. Marsh­field hosted Quail all month with up to three call­ing but rarely seen, as usual. A lone­some drake Man­darin re­mained at Salt­ford all month and four were re­ported at Uley, Glos (11th). Un­usual records for Avon in­cluded two Tur­tle Doves seen in Bris­tol, a cou­ple of re­ports of Firecrest, a Nightin­gale singing on the Som­er­set bor­der (6th-10th), a Hawfinch fly­ing over Salt­ford (9th) and a Jack Snipe re­ported from Bris­tol (24th). Jane Cum­ming CHAN­NEL IS­LANDS JERSEY: Five pairs of Cirl Bunt­ings bred on Grou­ville Com­mon. Three Firecrests were in St Cather­ines Woods. A Golden Ori­ole was at Vic­to­ria Tower near Gorey (1st). The Spoon­bill re­mained at the Wet­lands Cen­tre (to 2nd), with Bearded Tits, Marsh Har­ri­ers and Lap­wings also seen. Grey Herons bred nearby. East of Ple­mont, 16 Puffins, a Black Guille­mot, five Guille­mots and 14 Ra­zor­bills were seen. Hun­dreds of Manx Shear­wa­ters, a few Balearic Shear­wa­ters and Great Skuas, and two Sooty Shear­wa­ters passed Gros­nez. A Great White Egret was at Havre des Pas (25th). About 50 pairs of Barn Owls used pro­vided nest­boxes. Mediter­ranean Gulls started to re­turn to Grou­ville Bay. Pere­grines bred in St He­lier bred. A Lesser Kestrel was at St Martin’s camp site. Buz­zards, Cetti’s War­blers, Dart­ford War­blers and Short-toed Treecreep­ers were nu­mer­ous. Shel­ducks bred at L’etacq and La Rocque. About 50 pairs of Com­mon Terns were on the Ecre­hous, where the odd pair of Sand­wich Terns, Cor­morants, Shags and Lit­tle Egrets bred. Ber­tram Bree CORN­WALL HIGH­LIGHTS: A Quail was at Wind­mill Farm (25th). Cat­tle Egrets were at Walm­s­ley (26th-28th) and Clap­per Marshes (27th-28th). Great White Egrets were at Hel­ston and Stithi­ans (1st-7th), Col­li­ford (13th) and Hayle (14th). A Pur­ple Heron was at Maw­gan Porth (13th). A Black Kite flew over St Buryan (19th). Red Kites were seen all month, with 24 over Lizard Point (19th). Two Red-footed Fal­cons were at Nan­jizal (1st). An­other wan­dered around Wind­mill Farm, Predan­nack, Hayle Kim­bro and Lizard Vil­lage (6th-13th), with oth­ers at Wade­bridge (18th) and Cadg­with (25th-26th). A Saker was re­ported from Nan­jizal (2nd-4th). An Osprey flew through the Up­per Fowey Val­ley (14th). A Crane was near Lost­with­iel (19th). Four Roseate Terns were at Marazion (29th-30th), wan­der­ing as far as Pen­zance. An­other four were seen off St Ives (30th). A Hoopoe was on Goss Moor (4th). A Wry­neck was in a Pen­zance gar­den (29th). A Red-rumped Swal­low was at Ponon­gath and a Melo­di­ous War­bler at Marazion (17th). Sea­watch­ing pro­duced a few Cory’s and Great Shear­wa­ters (from 19th). Sooty Shear­wa­ters, Balearic Shear­wa­ters and Storm Pe­trels were seen off both coasts (5th-30th). Two Po­ma­rine Skuas were off Porthg­warra (4th) and two at Down­derry (5th). Sabine’s Gulls were seen from Lamorna Cove (10th) and Porthg­warra (23rd). Sara Mcma­hon DEVON NORTH DEVON: Lundy had a Rose-coloured Star­ling (1st), Red-rumped Swal­low (2nd), 253 Puffins and a Wa­ter Rail. Hartland Point had a Great Skua and 16 Storm Pe­trels. Red Kites were at Lyn­ton, Win­kleigh (two), Combe Martin and Shir­well. Sk­ern had six Mediter­ranean Gulls, with five on the Taw Es­tu­ary. A Lit­tle Gull was at Saun­ton Sands. Lower Ta­mar Lake had a Com­mon Sandpiper and King­fisher. SOUTH DEVON: Red Kites were at 10 sites. Brix­ham had two Puffins, two Great Skuas, a Manx Shear­wa­ter and 20 Storm Pe­trels. Exmin­ster had a Marsh Har­rier, Hobby and two Red Kites. Dous­land had three pairs of Red­starts and two Cuck­oos. Teign­mouth had two Storm Pe­trels, four Po­ma­rine Skuas, 115 Manx Shear­wa­ters and 20 Kit­ti­wakes. Start Point had 12 Storm Pe­trels, two Balearic Shear­wa­ters, 21 Puffins, three Sand­wich Terns and 1,600 Manx Shear­wa­ters. Berry Head had three Balearic Shear­wa­ters, three Great Skuas, an Arc­tic Skua, 34 Puffins, two Sooty Shear­wa­ters, 2,400 Manx Shear­wa­ters and 42 Storm Pe­trels. Seaton had a Red-backed Shrike (5th). Budleigh Sal­ter­ton had eight Storm Pe­trels, a Mediter­ranean Gull, 12 Sand­wich Terns, 24 Kit­ti­wakes and a Ring-necked Para­keet. Stover CP had 50 Sand Martins and five King­fish­ers. Sous­sons held two Whin­chats, six Tree Pip­its, four Cuck­oos, a Spot­ted Fly­catcher, three Red­starts and six Great Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers. Dippers bred at Grenofen. A Bee-eater was at Tor­bay (9th), with eight at Galmp­ton and two at Holswor­thy (11th). Ex­mouth had a Balearic Shear­wa­ter, 23 Storm Pe­trels, an Arc­tic Skua, Po­ma­rine Skua, 127 Manx Shear­wa­ters and a Lit­tle Tern. Soar had a Hobby and good num­bers of Cirl Bunt­ings and Yel­lowham­mers. Ven­ford Reser­voir had a Cuckoo, Red­start, Spot­ted Fly­catcher, two Tree Pip­its, three Pied Fly­catch­ers, a Wood War­bler and sev­eral Siskins. The Ed­dy­s­tone Light­house area logged two Storm Pe­trels, a Puf­fin and 400 Manx Shear­wa­ters. East Soar and Trendle­beare had six Night­jars, with seven Night­jars at Cann Woods, three at Stover, two at Ken­nick Reser­voir and five at Ide­ford Cross. Clear­brook held two Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers, four Lesser Red­polls, five Siskins and four Tree Pip­its. South Brent had a Barn Owl. Bowl­ing Green Marsh logged a Great White Egret, Spot­ted Sandpiper, Whim­brel, Green Sandpiper, Spot­ted Red­shank, three Com­mon Sand­pipers and three Green­shanks. Staver­ton recorded six Grey Wag­tails and two Dippers. Aish Tor, Dart­moor had three Gar­den War­blers and two Tree Pip­its. Yarner had three pairs of Red­starts. An Alpine Swift was at the Ot­ter Es­tu­ary. Ayles­beare Com­mon had a Tree Pipit, Green Wood­pecker, six Yel­lowham­mers, and a Dart­ford War­bler. Tor­bay had two Mediter­ranean Gulls. Goodring­ton had a Yel­low-legged Gull and 44 Com­mon Scot­ers. THURLESTONE BAY: High­lights in­cluded 231 Com­mon Scot­ers, a Great North­ern Diver, seven Ful­mars, a Sooty Shear­wa­ter, 285 Manx Shear­wa­ters, three Balearic Shear­wa­ters, three Storm Pe­trels, 150 Gan­nets, three Cat­tle Egrets, three Lit­tle Egrets, a Red Kite, Hobby, 15 Oys­ter­catch­ers, a Lit­tle Ringed Plover, two San­der­ling, two Dunlin, three Black-tailed God­wits, a Whim­brel, two Curlews, six Red­shanks, a Knot, Arc­tic Skua, 10 Kit­ti­wakes, a Yel­low-legged Gull, Caspian Gull, three Sand­wich Terns and 200 Swifts. Cirl Bunt­ings were at two sites. The first patch record of Hawfinch was near Hope Cove. Har­vey Ken­dall and Mike Pass­man (thurle­stonebay­ DORSET HIGH­LIGHTS: A Green­ish War­bler and Golden Ori­ole were on Port­land (1st). A Wood­chat Shrike was at Ab­bots­bury (2nd), when a Tur­tle Dove and Red-footed Fal­con were at Port­land. An­other Red-footed Fal­con was at Mor­den Bog (18th). Quails were at Durl­ston (4th) and West Comp­ton (15th-21st). A Buff-breasted Sandpiper was at Lytch­ett Fields and a Serin at South­well (15th). A Mon­tagu’s Har­rier was in the Bland­ford area (19th). An El­e­gant Tern roosted on Brownsea Is­land (21st). A Com­mon Rosefinch was in South­well (from 22nd). Lod­moor recorded an Alpine Swift (24th). CHRISTCHURCH HAR­BOUR AREA: High­lights in­cluded Com­mon Scot­ers, Manx Shear­wa­ters, Storm Pe­trels, Lap­wings, a Marsh Har­rier, Whim­brel, Curlews, Black-tailed God­wits, Red­shanks, a Com­mon Sandpiper, Arc­tic Skua, Com­mon Gulls, Mediter­ranean Gulls, Kit­ti­wakes, a Cuckoo and Firecrest. POOLE HAR­BOUR AREA: Birds present were Spoon­bills, Avo­cets, Lap­wings, Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, Curlews, Black-tailed God­wits, Green Sand­pipers, Red­shanks, a Spot­ted Red­shank, Green­shank, Snipe, Mediter­ranean Gulls, a Yel­low-legged Gull and Lit­tle Tern. PORT­LAND: Birds pass­ing were Com­mon Scot­ers, Manx, Sooty and Balearic Shear­wa­ters, Storm Pe­trels, Great Skuas, Arc­tic Skuas, a Long­tailed Skua, Puf­fin and Whim­brels. Lod­moor held Bit­terns and a Green Sandpiper. OTHER SITES: Ab­bots­bury had Green Sandpiper and Lit­tle Gull. Fer­ry­bridge had Dunlin and San­der­ling. West Bex­ing­ton had Storm Pe­trels past. Long­ham Lakes had Gar­ganey and Com­mon Sandpiper. Red Kites were at eight sites, Hob­bies seven and Ospreys three. Robin Trun­dle ISLES OF SCILLY HIGH­LIGHTS: The long-stay­ing Night Herons re­mained in Holy Vale, a Grey Plover on Tresco was un­sea­sonal and a Tur­tle Dove was on Bry­her (1st). Two Great Skuas and 20 Storm Pe­trels were near the Pol Bank (1st). A Short-toed Lark and Quail were at Deep Point, St Mary’s (2nd). A Golden Ori­ole was on St Martin’s (3rd). A Lit­tle Egret was in Tresco Chan­nel, a Lesser Red­poll at Lower Moors, a Hobby at Porth Hel­lick, and a Sooty Shear­wa­ter and Great Skua at sea(4th). The Hobby was sub­se­quently seen at Trenoweth, St Agnes, St Mary’s and Rocky Hill. A Balearic Shear­wa­ter was seen from the Scil­lo­nian (7th). Three very late Turn­stones were on Tresco (8th-9th). A Lesser Red­poll was at Porth Hel­lick (9th). The first Sabine’s Gull of the year was re­ported from the Scil­lo­nian (10th). The first Wil­son’s Petrel was south of the is­lands along with 30 Storm Pe­trels (12th). A Bar­na­cle Goose was on Tresco, with Cuck­oos on Bry­her and St Martin’s (12th). A pair of Lesser Whitethroats ap­peared to be breed­ing on Bry­her, only their sec­ond breed­ing at­tempt on Scilly, the last be­ing in the 1960’s. An in­flux of Swifts was noted (13th) when 24 were over Tele­graph, St Mary’s. A White Wag­tail was at Old Town (14th). A Sooty Shear­wa­ter was seen at sea (15th), when the Lit­tle Egret was in Tresco Chan­nel. The first Com­mon Terns for some time were be­tween the is­lands (19th) with some try­ing to breed on An­net later in the month. A Quail was in Warna’s Cove, St Agnes (20th). Two Black-headed Gulls flew over Porth Loo (21st). Two Balearic Shear­wa­ters flew past the Scil­lo­nian (28th). Will Wagstaff WILT­SHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: Ma­jor rar­ity was a su­perb male Red-backed Shrike, which un­for­tu­nately re­mained for only a day at Blake­hill. A Tur­tle Dove at Whiteparish was the only other ma­jor rar­ity! Waders in­cluded Green and Com­mon Sand­pipers, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Black-tailed Godwit and Red­shank at Lang­ford Lakes, and there were two re­ports of breed­ing Curlews. Mediter­ranean Gulls passed through on two oc­ca­sions at Sal­is­bury and Lesser Black-backed Gull num­bers be­gan to build with 275 at the Wa­ter Park. Wood War­bler, Cross­bill and Siskin were at Fran­chises Wood and it was pleas­ing to get re­ports of Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers at seven sites.

Swifts and House Martins were late back at breed­ing colonies but 450 Swifts were noted at Lower Pert­wood. A Hawfinch was at Be­mer­ton Heath, Quail at SPTA and Rus­s­ley Down and a Night­jar at SPTA. Rob Turner

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