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The mag­nif­i­cent, pow­er­ful, el­e­gant Sooty Shear­wa­ter is a prize for sea­watch­ers. It’s not the rarest shear­wa­ter, but nei­ther is it at all com­mon. This is gen­er­ally a scarce bird, seen at sea or from coastal watch­points, shear­ing over the wa­ter (of course). They are dark brown, look­ing black, with an el­e­gant cigar-shaped body and long, straight­ish wings which flash sil­very on the un­der­wing. Be­ware the sim­i­larly pat­terned Balearic Shear­wa­ters (an­other scarce seabird), which can also be dark (though not usu­ally as dark as Sooties), but are smaller, less pow­er­ful, and look a bit more ‘pot bel­lied’.

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