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Here are two wad­ing birds which have the word ‘curlew’ as part of their names. Nei­ther are at all closely re­lated to the Curlew it­self and both have dif­fer­ent rea­sons for adopt­ing the name. Curlew Sand­pipers (be­low) are called that be­cause, of the ‘sand­pipers’, they have long, down­curved bills, as well as a taller, more long-necked, long-legged, and so Curlew-like struc­ture, like a minia­ture Curlew. Stone-curlews don’t look like Curlews but have very Curlew like calls, which are of­ten heard af­ter dark. So, in a sense, they are named af­ter the Curlew in the same way that the Curlew it­self was named, af­ter the ‘curleee’ call.

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