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The Dip­per has had a va­ri­ety of names in the past. Many of these re­late to its aquatic habits and its su­per­fi­cial re­sem­blance to the thrush fam­ily. Wa­ter Thrush, Wa­ter Black­bird and Wa­ter Ouzel are typ­i­cal, while other more ob­scure names have in­cluded Wa­ter Peg­gie and the Bessie Ducker. The bird’s mod­ern name of Dip­per has noth­ing to do with the bird tak­ing a dip in the wa­ter – in­stead it refers to the bird’s habit of con­stantly bob­bing (or dip­ping) up and down on its legs while pa­trolling the wa­ter’s edge.

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