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Bird Watching (UK) - - September Id Challenge -


We be­gin with a wader in mid ‘shrug’ with its wings partly raised. From what we can see in the photo, it is dull grey-brown above and clean white be­low, with a smudgy breast band. The short bill is too short for most waders, straight away rul­ing out snipes, god­wits, curlews and sand­pipers, and in­stead lead­ing to the plovers. Fur­ther, the plain plumage and that breast band im­ply it is one of the ‘ringed plover’ species (the breast band is too heavy for their close rel­a­tive, the rare Ken­tish Plover). But is it Ringed or Lit­tle Ringed? Sev­eral fea­tures com­bine to show it is a Lit­tle Ringed: small fine bill; yel­low­ish eye-ring; ‘capped’ ap­pear­ance, with a brown head lack­ing a pale su­per­cil­ium; at­ten­u­ated rear end; long dull legs. This is a ju­ve­nile Lit­tle Ringed Plover.

KEY FEA­TURES †Tiny dark bill, ‘ringed plover’ pat­tern †Longish tail; at­ten­u­ated rear end †Pale yel­low­ish eye-ring; no su­per­cil­ium †Smudgy breast band im­plies ju­ve­nile

Clear eye-ring, no su­per­cil­ium Short, fine, dark bill Longish tail cre­ates at­ten­u­ated rear end

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