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1 From the vil­lage hall, fol­low the mi­nor road check­ing the hedges for Yel­lowham­mer and the sky for a pos­si­ble Red Kite. There are lots of com­mon birds around, such as Black­bird, Dun­nock, Robin, House Spar­row, with pos­si­ble Tree Spar­row and Wood­pi­geon.

2 Then, through the gate into the re­serve and start check­ing for Lit­tle Owl, the ponds for Moorhen (the ponds some­times dry out), Swal­lows fly­ing low, swift high above. Check the scrub ar­eas for Long-tailed Tit, Chif­fchaff, a pos­si­ble Tree Pipit and that lovely lit­tle Wren.

3 And then it’s across the open area to wood­land and check for wood­peck­ers, Pied Fly­catcher, Wil­low War­bler, Treecreeper, Jay and stay alert for Spar­rowhawk.

4 Fi­nally, back through the re­serve to make sure you’ve not missed any­thing, such as Song Thrush, Whitethroat and Gar­den War­bler. Also, check the lit­tle or­chard for that colour­ful Bullfinch.

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