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HOODED CROW De­spite its dis­tinc­tive grey-and-black plumage, the Hooded Crow is very sim­i­lar to its more com­mon cousin in the UK, the Car­rion Crow. The Hooded Crow is found pre­dom­i­nantly north of the Grampians in Scot­land, on the Isle of Man and in Ire­land. The Car­rion Crow is found prac­ti­cally ev­ery­where else in the UK. Hood­ies, as Scots and bird­ers af­fec­tion­ately name them, are mi­gra­tory at the ex­treme north­ern edge of their range. Scan­di­na­vian birds oc­ca­sion­ally stray to the eastern coast of Eng­land dur­ing the win­ter. The two species were lumped to­gether un­til as re­cently as 2002; and they in­ter­breed in most places wher­ever their dis­tri­bu­tion meets. Although sim­i­lar in habits to its all-black cousin, its ‘caw­ing’ can be slightly less malev­o­lent sound­ing to some ears. In Europe, it is gen­er­ally found east of Ger­many, in Scan­di­navia, east to Siberia and from Aus­tria south to Italy and parts of the Mid­dle East. Four sub­species are gen­er­ally recog­nised although one, the Me­sopotamian Crow, has been tipped to be split as an­other sep­a­rate species.

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