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An El­e­gant Tern which ap­peared on Hayling Is­land, Hamp­shire (from 7th) and re­lo­cated to the Pagham Har­bour area of West Sus­sex, (from 10th) was shown to be a known colour-ringed in­di­vid­ual. As such, it will doubt­less be ac­cepted to the Bri­tish List, po­ten­tially forg­ing the way for the pu­ta­tive pend­ing records of re­cent years to also be ac­cepted. BED­FORD­SHIRE (8th). HIGH­LIGHTS:No Lady Amherst’sA San­der­ling Pheas­antswas at have Broom been GP re­port­edRobin Chit­ten­den.this year. For the lat­est bird news please phone­from a 09068 lan­d­line 700or mo­bile245. Calls phoneto 09068cost 65p 700245per minute plus your phone com­pany ac­cess charge. Ser­vice pro­vided by Bird­line East Anglia. For en­quiries please call 0330 3336946 or 07941 333 970, www.bird­li­neeas­t­an­ BERK­SHIRE DIN­TON PAS­TURES CP: High­lights in­cluded two Oys­ter­catch­ers, and two Mediter­ranean Gulls (17th-27th). LOWER FARM GP: An es­caped Red-breasted Goose was present (12th-28th). Also seen were two Shel­ducks (1st-6th), two Gar­ganeys (18th), six Com­mon Scot­ers (27th), two Oys­ter­catch­ers (16th-27th) and a Red­start (17th). MOOR GREEN LAKES: There was a Shel­duck (17th), five Oys­ter­catch­ers, and two Mediter­ranean Gulls (1st-18th). THEALE GP: High­lights in­cluded five Red-crested Pochards (4th-11th), three Oys­ter­catch­ers (14th-30th), two Mediter­ranean Gulls (12th) and an Arc­tic Tern (12th). OTHER SITES: An Oys­ter­catcher was at En­gle­field (4th), with five at Sum­mer­leaze GP (25th). A Curlew was at Queen Mother Reser­voir (10th). A Red­start was at Well­bot­tom Down, Lam­bourn (14th). Marek Wal­ford (www.berks­ BUCKINGHAMSHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: There were two Black-necked Grebes at Lit­tle Mar­low GP (6th) and an Osprey flew over Gal­lows Bridge (7th). OTHER: Quail were at Hard­mead (1st & 14th) and Shab­bing­ton (3rd & 6th). Ringed Plovers were seen at Manor Farm (9th & 25th) and Willen Lakes (25th & 29th). There were eight Black-tailed God­wits at Col­lege Lake (26th) and two more there (27th). There were two fourth cal­en­dar year Yel­low-legged Gulls at Lit­tle Mar­low GP (sin­gles on 6th, 10th, 15th, 28th & 30th). There were two Tur­tle Doves at a pri­vate MOD site in the north (5th). Tree Spar­rows were seen at Lit­tle Lin­ford Wood (11th) and Laven­don Mill (22nd) and a Cross­bill flew over Dancersend (25th). Adam Bassett (www.bucks­bird­ HAMP­SHIRE BLASHFORD LAKES: A Black-necked Grebe was on Ib­s­ley Wa­ter (30th). Also there was a Lit­tle Gull (15th-16th), 1,000 Swifts (5th & 8th), a Com­mon Sandpiper (26th) and 20 Black-tailed God­wits (28th). Ivy Lake held an un­sea­sonal Wi­geon (29th). HILL HEAD-HAMBLE: Titch­field Haven had a Marsh War­bler (12th). A Cat­tle Egret (10th) flew over Pos­brook, be­fore land­ing at the Haven. The Lit­tle Gull from 2016 re­mained (to 4th). There was a Spoon­bill (15th), a Ruff at Hill Head (10th), and the first re­turn­ing Green Sand­pipers (17th and 30th). Off Hill Head, Com­mon Scot­ers were reg­u­lar, with 60 (7th). A Shag was seen (30th). A Storm Petrel was off Chill­ing (7th). A Great White Egret was on the Hamble (12th). Hook-with-warsash held two Lit­tle Gulls (3rd), a Yel­low-legged Gull (16th) and two Green Sand­pipers (30th). LANGSTONE HAR­BOUR: An El­e­gant Tern was at Fish­ery Creek (7th) and off Sandy Point (9th). A Roseate Tern was at the Hayling Oys­terbeds (12th). Sandy Point logged three Storm Pe­trels (9th), two Manx Shear­wa­ters (7th), an Arc­tic Skua (10th), Great Skua (6th), eight Kit­ti­wakes (10th), a Lit­tle Gull (21st), seven Ful­mars (10th) and a Serin (1st). A Long-tailed Duck flew into Chich­ester Har­bour (14th). Far­ling­ton logged a Ruff (to 23rd), two Pochards (2nd), two Pin­tails (29th) and eight Bearded Tits (25th). LYMINGTON-MILFORD-ON-SEA: Waders in­cluded a Spot­ted Red­shank (22nd), Com­mon Sandpiper (20th), 85 Black-tailed God­wits (15th), 11 Grey Plovers (3rd) and San­der­ling (6th and 15th). Four Bearded Tits were seen (14th). Off­shore there was a Red-breasted Mer­ganser (15th) and eight Eiders (11th). Milford-on-sea had a Balearic Shear­wa­ter (5th) and Kit­ti­wake (6th). OTHER SITES: A Serin was at Acres Down (1st). An Osprey flew over Piper’s Wait (3rd). A Wry­neck was at Noar Hill (1st). A Bee-eater flew over South Warn­bor­ough (19th). Up to three Great White Egrets were at Fish­lake Mead­ows (2nd-29th), along with four Hob­bies and an un­sea­sonal Pin­tail (29th). Two Quails were at Over Wal­lop (2nd-6th) and three at La­dle Hill (19th-27th). In­land feed­ing move­ments of Mediter­ranean Gulls in­cluded 110 over Leigh Park (1st) and 130 at Cran­bury Park (21st). Yel­low-legged Gulls were at Lower Test (23rd-24th) and Fleet Pond (30th). Lower Test also held a Green Sandpiper (15th). Tom Jor­dan HERT­FORD­SHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: A Honey Buz­zard flew over Wil­stone Reser­voir (3rd). Two Gar­ganeys were at Rye Meads, and an­other at Amwell (25th). Robin Chit­ten­den. For the lat­est bird news please phone 09068 700 245. Calls to 09068 700245 from a lan­d­line or mo­bile phone cost 65p per minute plus your phone com­pany ac­cess charge. Ser­vice pro­vided by Bird­line East Anglia. For en­quiries please call 0330 3336946 or 07941 333 970, www.bird­li­neeas­t­an­ KENT HIGH­LIGHTS: A Squacco Heron was at Dun­geness RSPB (11th-14th). Honey Buz­zards were at Lydd, Folke­stone and Lit­tle­stone-on-sea (1st), Folke­stone (2nd), Lydd (3rd), Dun­geness RSPB (18th and 21st) and Sand­wich Bay (24th-25th). A Rose-coloured Star­ling was at Dun­geness RSPB (1st). Bee-eaters flew over Dun­geness NNR (2nd and 17th), Lydd (9th), Fore­ness Point (15th) and Stod­marsh (22nd). A Red-footed Fal­con hunted with Hob­bies at Grove Ferry (2nd), with oth­ers at Worth Marsh (20th) and Stod­marsh (25th-30th). A Red-rumped Swal­low was over Kings­down and a Black Kite over St Mar­garet’s at Cliffe (3rd). A Marsh War­bler was at Had­low (4th). SUR­REY HIGH­LIGHTS: Thorn­combe Street had a Com­mon Rosefinch (1st). A Red-footed Fal­con was at Fren­sham Com­mon (10th-19th). A Red-backed Shrike was at Thurs­ley Com­mon (24th). LONDON WET­LAND CEN­TRE: A Caspian Gull was recorded (12th). A Gar­ganey was noted. STAINES RESER­VOIRS: A Kit­ti­wake vis­ited King Ge­orge VI Reser­voir (2nd). Arc­tic Tern, Black-necked Grebe, Green­shank, Ringed Plover and Wood Sandpiper were also recorded. OTHER SITES: A Red-crested Pochard was near Bram­ley on var­i­ous dates (3rd-13th). Bed­ding­ton SF had a Lit­tle Gull (7th). There was a Wood War­bler on Ash Ranges (3rd-7th). Peter Bryant SUS­SEX EAST SUS­SEX: A Honey Buz­zard flew over Poundgate (1st). A Black-winged Stilt was at Rye Har­bour (2nd), with two at The Midrips (2nd). A Gar­ganey was at Pan­nel Val­ley (3rd). An­other was at Pett Level (18th), with a Spot­ted Red­shank there (22nd). A Storm Petrel flew past Splash Point (8th). Lit­tle Gulls were at Rye Har­bour (11th and 27th), with Ospreys there (16th-18th and 29th) and a Wood Sandpiper (30th). A Tur­tle Dove was in Ash­down For­est (16th). WEST SUS­SEX: An El­e­gant Tern, Black Tern, Lit­tle Gull and Roseate Tern were at Church Nor­ton (10th-20th). A Quail sang at The Burgh (7th). A Balearic Shear­wa­ter passed Selsey Bill (8th), with two (9th), and Storm Pe­trels (6th and 7th). A Tur­tle Dove flew over Pagham Har­bour (17th), with a Spot­ted Red­shank there (21st).

Red-footed Fal­con, Fren­sham Com­mon, Sur­rey, 11 June

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