The name game

Hid­den in the grid is the name of an item of cloth­ing. An­swer the ques­tions, then re­ar­range the let­ters cor­re­spond­ing to your an­swers to fill in the name.

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BOX1: Which of the fol­low­ing is NOT one of the four car­di­nal virtues?

Con­stance (T) Tem­per­ance (I) Pru­dence (E)

BOX2: In medicine what does MRI stand for?

Molec­u­lar Re­search Imag­ing (U) Med­i­cal Ra­di­a­tion Imag­ing (K) Mag­netic Res­o­nance Imag­ing (E)

BOX3: Boll wee­vil causes dam­age to which crop?

Sugar Cane (P) Cot­ton (R) Corn (S)

BOX4: Are­ol­ogy is the study of what?

Ef­fects of work on hu­mans (B) Mars (C) Senses (F)

BOX5: The city of Hong Kong is lo­cated at the mouth of which river?

Mekong (L) Huai (W) Pearl (O)

BOX6: Which English port did the Ti­tanic set sail from on 10th April 1912?

Southamp­ton (H) Portsmouth (I) Ply­mouth (D)

BOX7: Which film di­rec­tor’s epi­taph reads ‘I’m in on a plot’?

Stan­ley Kubrick (M) Al­fred Hitch­cock (T) Char­lie Chap­lin (O)

BOX8: Which Bri­tish pier fea­tures in the ti­tle of a book by Ge­orge Or­well?

Boscombe Pier (N) Wi­gan Pier (C) Cromer Pier (A)

BOX9: Who be­came Prime Min­is­ter in June 1935?

Neville Cham­ber­lain (R) Stan­ley Bald­win (N) Win­ston Churchill (J)

BOX10: Who de­signed Vic­to­ria Beck­ham’s (pic­tured) wed­ding dress?

Chris­tian Dior (Y) Gior­gio Ar­mani (S) Vera Wang (A)

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