The na­tional De­vel­op­ment cham­pi­onships take place in Ban­bury

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SOME po­ten­tial stars for the fu­ture won their first na­tional ti­tles as the Eng­land Box­ing De­vel­op­ment cham­pi­onships con­cluded. The fi­nals took place from Oc­to­ber 27-28 in Ban­bury.

Well-es­tab­lished clubs de­liv­ered cham­pi­ons. Rep­ton, for in­stance, had Class B heavy­weight William Hamil­ton and Class B su­per­heavy­weight Arnold Obadai, as well as Ju­niors Hamza Pa­tel and David Brzezinnski.

But clubs less well known for pro­duc­ing ti­tlists also had win­ners. Fight For Peace 18-year-old Dy­lan Oke unan­i­mously outscored Brad Mcar­dle (Dis­trict Youth) in the Class A Se­nior 69kgs fi­nal, and Ox­ford Uni­ver­sity had a na­tional cham­pion in light­weight Ly­dia Wel­ham in Se­nior Class A, as well.


Male: Se­nior: Class A: 49: Talvin­der Singh (Golden Gloves) outpd Umar Rehman (Bar­ton Hill) unan. 52: Daanyal Iqbal (Wind­mill) outpd Michael Smith (Army) unan. 56: Elias Saleh (In­gles) outpd Con­nor Ma­honey (Army) split. 60: Josh Har­g­reaves (The Purge) outpd Mo­hammed Udin (Lans­bury) split. 64: Jay Clarke (Whit­ley) outpd Ryan Ap­pleby (Hartle­pool Catholic) split. 69: Dy­lan Oke (Fight for Peace) outpd Brad Mcar­dle (Dis­trict Youth) unan. 75: Jor­dan Du­jon (West Ham) outpd Hamza Ali (Ken­ton) unan. 81: Kolowole Kayejo (Stone­bridge) outpd Ja­cob Bap­tiste (No Lim­its) split. 86: Shel­don Mcdon­ald (Manor) outpd Machindo Mwambazi (Dou­ble Jab) unan. 91: Zack Wil­liams (Le­ices­ter Unity) outpd Ma­cor­mac Far­rel (Royal Navy) split. 91&: Mark Gavin (Bletch­ley) outpd Louis Wright (Sharp­style) split. Class B: 52: Scott Miller (CSM) outpd Nd­aba Nd­bele (Col­ly­hurst & Mos­ton) split. 56: Adam Benche­man (Stone­bridge) outpd Kade De­fre­itas (North­side) unan. 60: Ma­soud Ab­dul­lah (Is­ling­ton) outpd Jor­dan Sawyers (Dun­ston) unan. 64: Con­nor Samms (FR) outpd Saquib Khan (Rep­ton) unan. 69: Yusuf Ab­dul­lah (South Wye) outpd Slav­isa Gegic (Is­ling­ton) split. 75: Harry Evans (Golden Gloves) outpd Chris Cun­ning­ham (Is­ling­ton) unan. 81: Car­nell Brown (Army) outpd Paul O’reilly (Bar­row) unan. 86: Wy­combe King (Col­ly­hurst & Mos­ton) outpd Jack Daly (ELBA) split. 91: William Hamil­ton (Rep­ton) outpd Daniel Mead­ows (Black­rod) unan. 91&: Arnold Obadai (Rep­ton) outpd James Braith­waite (Bar­row) split. Ju­nior: Class A: 38: Zayed Mo­hammed (West Ham) outpd Dy­lan Dwyer (Tower Hill) unan. 40: Al­bert Smith (All­com­ers) outpd Archie Pal­lis­ter (Shali­don) unan. 44: Lewis Noakes (Hall Green) outpd Conna Gard­ner (Arena) unan. 46: Khalid Salah (Kirk­dale) outpd Henry Killestein (The Ring) split. 48: Hamza Pa­tel (Rep­ton) outpd 50: Jack 52: Faris Mar­shall (Bar­ton Youth) Stead­man (ELBA) El­sor­eimy stpd split. Hill) (Hen­rys) (One Ethan split. (Golden Na­tion) Archie Holt outpd Alan (Bar­row). Newman Gloves) outpd Jimmy Cor­co­ran Zee­shan unan. Gil­heaney (Dale 54: Ja­heim (Dale Youth) Ali 57: 60: outpd Tom (North Lewis-cur­tis Kane Mersey) Cowl­ing unan. (All­com­ers) (Hard Levi Knocks) outpd Ward split. Ryan (Imps) Ready 63: 66: outpd Igor Dykier Al­fie (Bletch­ley) Olive (We­ston outpd War­riors) Bai­ley unan. Greetham (Fu­sion) split. 70: Jools Ut­t­ley (Heb­den Bridge) outpd De­clan Con­lon (HOP) unan. 75: David Brzezinnski (Rep­ton) outpd Thomas Neave (Al­bert Hill) unan. Class B: 46: Uzair Maq­bool (ELBA) outpd Kai Owen (Par­sons Cross) split. 48: Alex Head (Hod­des­don) outpd Owen Camp­bell (Sefton) split. 50: Ekam Dhali­wal (Capi­tol) outpd Con­rad Grant (Whit­ley) unan. 52: Thomas Brown­ing (Bil­ler­icay) outpd Rob­bie Parker (Duridge Bay) unan. 54: Billy Ward (Dar­ling­ton) outpd Akash Bhan­gal (Da­gen­ham) split. 57: Oliver Killestein (The Ring) outpd Liam Quigley (Kirkby) unan. 60: William Law­son (Sal­is­bury) outpd Maxwell Lawrence (Whit­ley) split. 63: Cameron Briggs (PEJ) outpd Ryan Tins­ley (Knowsley) split. 66: Liam Orme (We­ston War­riors) outpd Ke­van Bai­ley (Manor) split. 70: Tommy Roger­son (Har­low) outpd Guy Kitch­ing (H Hour) split. 75: Joel Bartell (Guild­ford) outpd Adam Olaore (How­den) split. 80: Tino Bel­lot (Dale Youth) outpd Con­nor Lawrence (Lais­ter­dyke) unan. 80&: Sule­man Hughes (O’dells Com­mu­nity) outpd Leon Isaacs (New Saints) unan. Fe­male: Se­nior: Class A: 48: Stacey 51: Ka­vanagh (Spen­ny­moor) rtd (Is­ling­ton) Lina Dhay­atkar (Trump­ing­ton) outpd split. Linda (Is­ling­ton). Walker Jes­sica outpd (Al­liance) Amy Mcau­ley As­pinall (Army) unan. 54: Laura Weiss 57: Bar­takova Jes­sica (Ban­bury) Barry (Christ unan. the King) outpd Pe­trah 60: Ly­dia Wel­ham (Ox­ford Uni­ver­sity) rtd Rachel Hutcheon (St Ives Bay) 2nd. 64: Layla Lee (Army) outpd Jor­dan Barker (Lambton St) split. 69: Jes­sica Tee­van (ERT) outpd Car­rie Roberts (Army) split. 81: Cindy Ngamba (Bolton Lads & Girls) outpd Libys Mcgui­ness (Wey­mouth) unan. Class B: 51: Ella Har­ris (Miguels) outpd Naomi Fer­rao (Alder­shot) unan. 54: Lily Devlin (At­tle­bor­ough) outpd Han­nah Wind­sor (We­ston War­riors) unan. 60: Si­mone Thomp­son (Lambton St) outpd Sunni Torgman (Is­ling­ton) split. 69: Lucy Kisiewska (East­bourne) split. Charlotte 75: Jodie Bri­ant outpd Wilkin­son (Is­ling­ton) Kerry (Tigers) Ha­ley unan. (Houghton) outpd Ju­nior: Class A: 46: (At­tle­bor­ough) stpd Chan­nel Lucy Coldicott Ken­dall (Wolver­hamp­ton). 50: Macy Gal­lone (Spen­ny­moor) outpd Roxanne Fraser (Haringey) unan. 54: Ly­dia Na­gle (At­tle­bor­ough) outpd Shan­non Moore (Duridge Bay) unan. 63: Jes­sica Small (Nat Pro­gres­sion) outpd Lucy Lakin (Wal­sall Wood) split. Class B: 48: Court­ney Par­tridge (CSM) outpd Iona Lanaghan (Free­dom) split. 60: Shas­sen Dut­ton (Sal­is­bury) outpd Emily Monks (Leigh) unan. 63: Maisie Hod­kin­son (Boar­shaw) outpd Shay Jar­ret (South Wye) unan. Class B: 54: Maisie Cal­laghan (Lans­bury) outpd Carmell Carey (Spen­ny­moor) split.


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