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Burton Mail - - Brain Teaser -

1. Who painted the Mona Lisa?

A Leonardo Da Vinci B Claude Monet C Pablo Pi­casso D Vin­cent Van Gogh

2. Which song has been a hit for Buddy Holly; Showad­dy­waddy and Nick Berry?

A Great Balls of Fire B Heart­beat C Un­chained Melody D Blue Moon

3. What is the name of the pub that soon be­comes in­fested with zom­bies in Shaun of the Dead?

A The Red Lion B The Black Swan C The Dorch­ester D The Winch­ester

4. What sort of crea­ture is an on­ager?

A A fish

B An in­sect C A wild ass D A dog

5. To which modern mam­mal is the mam­moth re­lated?

A Ele­phant B Ze­bra C Hip­popota­mus D Wal­rus

6. Alice Levine and Maya Jama are the hosts of which new so­cial me­dia-based re­al­ity se­ries on Chan­nel 4?

A The Ring B The Cir­cle C The Square D The Tri­an­gle

7. What sort of flow­ers could be clas­si­fied as hy­brid teas or flori­bun­das?

A Hy­acinths B Roses C Lilies D Marigolds

8. Which river joins the Ti­gris in Iraq to form the Shatt al-Arab?

A Sakarya B Suez C Sur­gato D Euphrates

9. Which Ital­ian-born US gang­ster was im­pris­oned for tax eva­sion in 1931?

A Al Capone B Don Cor­leone C Joe DiMag­gio D Al Pa­cino

10. Which long-run­ning show has been pre­sented by the late Mag­nus Mag­nus­son, and John Humphrys?

A Master­mind B Cross­roads C The Sky at Night D Games­mas­ter

11. Who starred as James Ka­vanagh QC on TV?

A John Frost B John Snow C John Thaw D John Dew

12. Which pop group had a hit sin­gle with Sui­cide Blonde?

A REM B INXS C Blondie D Oasis

13. Who hosted the satir­i­cal quiz show Have I Got News For You? from 1990-2002?

A Paul Mer­ton B An­gus Deay­ton C Ian His­lop D Clive An­der­son

14. What genre of short hor­ror play is named af­ter a Paris theatre at which such plays were first per­formed?

A Grand Noir B Grand Hor­reur C Grand Guig­nol D Rouge-Noir

15. Whom did Ge­orge I suc­ceed as monarch?

A Wil­liam III B Charles II C Queen Anne D James II

Maya Jama See Ques­tion 6.

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