Air­craft car­rier flies in the face of rea­son

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The new UK air­craft car­rier that is be­ing boasted of has cost, at £3.2 bil­lion, four times as much as it cost to build Glas­gow’s new hos­pi­tal and three times as much as the new Queens­ferry cross­ing of the Forth.

Air­craft car­ri­ers by their na­ture pro­vide no de­fence for the coun­try and are only utilised to carry planes nearer to some other area to be threat­ened or at­tacked.

This and the other one we ap­par­ently are build­ing at the same cost rep­re­sents an ob­scene amount of money spent in the UK.

It is trot­ting along be­hind the US, at its be­hest, with air­craft de­pen­dent on Amer­ica. The only pos­si­ble use is in the pur­suit of US bul­ly­ing and war­mon­ger­ing around the world. And they make very big tar­gets as well.

In Scot­land we are ex­pected to ap­plaud this ob­scene waste of money on the grounds that it has pro­vided jobs.

But we could have built enough homes to com­pletely solve our hous­ing prob­lem while pro­vid­ing many more jobs with that money.

Scot­land could have built a Scot­tish naval pres­ence to pa­trol its wa­ters in the same way as Nor­way does with 40 naval de­fence ves­sels in its wa­ters, all built in Nor­we­gian yards. There is no way any sen­si­ble small coun­try would even coun­te­nance this sort of im­pe­rial im­be­cil­ity and the sooner we are out of bonkers UK the bet­ter. Dave McEwan Hill, 1 Tom Nan Ragh, Dalin­lon­gart, Sand­bank.

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