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The re­mote con­trols for my Ford Scor­pio Ul­tima will not op­er­ate. I have two of them and have tried get­ting them to con­nect, which they even­tu­ally will af­ter three or four at­tempts, but within 24-48 hours they then fail to op­er­ate. The bat­ter­ies on the re­mote con­trols are both good, one hav­ing a new pair. Nei­ther of the two fobs will con­nect at all when I try to pro­gramme them. Al­though I can get the bleeps to put the car into pro­gram­ming mode with the ig­ni­tion switch, when I press the un­lock but­ton on the fob it fails to work.

Look­ing at an elec­tri­cal draw­ing on the in­ter­net, it shows the re­mote is op­er­ated by a ra­dio sig­nal and not in­frared. The draw­ing shows the fob as A68 and the Cen­tral Con­trol Mod­ule, which is the re­ceiver that picks up the ra­dio sig­nal from the fob, is A127. Do you have any idea where in the car this is sit­u­ated, as I have come to the con­clu­sion this is where the trou­ble must lie? Would you agree with my con­clu­sion or do you have any other idea of what the fault could be? Ge­off Har­ris There are a few pos­si­bil­i­ties as to the source of the prob­lem. The ve­hi­cle has a rolling code sys­tem which means that each time the door is locked or un­locked us­ing the re­mote, the code is changed and the new code re­layed to the re­mote for the next use. If the fob or cen­tral sys­tem is for­get­ting this code, it would ex­plain the is­sues you are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. I would start by cleaning the cir­cuit board within the re­mote unit. Open the fob and re­move the bat­tery – by gen­tly push­ing the but­tons through, you should be able to re­lease the cir­cuit board. Turn this over to re­veal the con­tacts, en­sure that these are com­plete and not worn or bro­ken, then clean them us­ing an elec­tri­cal cleaner spray or iso­propyl al­co­hol. Now re­assem­ble the unit and try to re­code.

It may also be the case that the con­duc­tive op­er­at­ing but­tons within the re­mote have de­te­ri­o­rated and no longer con­nect the cir­cuit cor­rectly.

As you can get the sys­tem to bleep us­ing the ig­ni­tion switch and it fails to con­nect to the re­mote, the prob­lem is most likely within the re­mote fobs. How­ever, if you wish to lo­cate and check the cen­tral unit, this can be found be­hind the glove­box.

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