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My girl­friend has just ac­quired a 2008 Ford Fo­cus 1.8 TDCI with 105,000 miles on the clock and no his­tory of hav­ing had a tim­ing belt change. I’m not sure if it is sig­nif­i­cant, but it is a model with air-con­di­tion­ing.

Can you tell me how tricky it is to change the tim­ing belt on this model? My plan is to change the ten­sioner pul­ley, wa­ter pump and aux­il­iary belt and coolant at the same time. I am also think­ing about tak­ing out and cleaning the EGR valve as a pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sure to pro­long its life. Can you ad­vise of the pro­ce­dures I need to fol­low to carry out these jobs and, more im­por­tantly, whether I need a lock­ing tool? Also, where can I find the EGR valve on this en­gine and how do I de­tach it? Last, do you think I should change the pul­leys/ ten­sion­ers for the aux­il­iary belt as well? Bar­tosz Ki­jan­ski The pro­ce­dure for chang­ing the tim­ing belt as listed in the Ford work­shop man­ual is a very long and com­plex pro­ce­dure. It in­volves strip­ping the cam cover to ac­cess the camshaft and fit a lock­ing plate, as well as re­mov­ing the starter mo­tor to fit the fly­wheel lock­ing plate. Spe­cial tools are re­quired to lock the camshaft and crank­shaft, as well as a tool to re­move the camshaft pul­ley. There is also a tool to sup­port the en­gine while the mount­ing is re­moved. I can­not con­firm if this is the of­fi­cial pro­ce­dure car­ried out at a main dealer work­shop, but I do know that most in­de­pen­dent work­shops fol­low a much quicker route. The tim­ing belt is a short belt which runs be­tween the camshaft and fuel pump and it has only one ten­sioner pul­ley. The fuel pump is driven from the crank­shaft with a tim­ing chain, which should re­quire no main­te­nance.

Af­ter sup­port­ing the en­gine on a jack, the en­gine mount can be re­moved from the front of the tim­ing belt cover. The studs onto which the mount­ing is bolted can be re­moved us­ing a star socket, af­ter which there is am­ple ac­cess to re­move the tim­ing belt cover. With the cover out of the way, the camshaft and fuel pump pul­leys can be marked to re­tain the tim­ing. The ten­sioner pul­ley can then be de­tached, along with the tim­ing belt.

When fit­ting the new belt and ten­sioner, en­sure that the marks you have made still line up and ten­sion the belt by ad­just­ing the ten­sioner pul­ley an­ti­clock­wise un­til the marks align. Do not turn or move the en­gine while the belt is off. Once the new belt is fit­ted and ten­sioned up, turn the en­gine two full turns by hand and en­sure the marks once again line up. The only prob­lem you might come across us­ing this method is if the marks do not line up again af­ter ro­tat­ing the en­gine, as you would then need to fol­low the full Ford pro­ce­dure to re­set the en­gine tim­ing.

As the aux­il­iary belt is not touched or dis­turbed dur­ing this process, its re­place­ment is op­tional, but may be car­ried out as a part of rou­tine main­te­nance. The aux­il­iary belt idle

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