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The en­gine of my Ssangyong Kyron 2.7 diesel has stopped and will not restart. I've checked all the fuel lines from tank to the in­jec­tor pump and fuel is get­ting through. The primer pump presses hard against the in­jec­tor pump, but no fuel is get­ting through to the com­mon rail on crank­ing. The pump must have a me­chan­i­cal/so­le­noid shut-off valve to stop the en­gine, but is this valve ser­vice­able? How can I check it? Willi Baumeis­ter Un­like the older diesel sys­tem, the com­mon rail does not em­ploy a fuel cut-off to the high-pres­sure pump. This isn't needed be­cause the ve­hi­cle can be stopped by cut­ting the in­jec­tors to pre­vent fuel be­ing in­jected. The prob­lem you have may be a faulty high-pres­sure pump or the pres­sure reg­u­la­tor valve that should al­low reg­u­lated leaks back to the fuel tank.

Caution needs to be taken when work­ing on the high-pres­sure side of the sys­tem and the pipes should not be re­moved. The fuel on the high-pres­sure side runs at pres­sures up to 2000 Bar. The high-pres­sure pump does have a reg­u­la­tor valve, but fail­ure of this will not nor­mally pre­vent the en­gine start­ing.

It would be ad­vis­able to read the sys­tem for any fault codes that may be stored be­fore at­tempt­ing any re­pairs on the in­jec­tion sys­tem.

I am as­sum­ing you are us­ing a stan­dard diesel and not a bio-diesel mix, as fuel sys­tem fail­ures due to fuel im­pu­ri­ties have forced Ssangyong to take the un­prece­dented step of dis­cour­ag­ing any use of bio-diesel in its ve­hi­cle range.

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