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I have a 2002 Honda Ac­cord au­to­matic which turns over but will not start. Honda said that I need a new dis­trib­u­tor at a cost of £600, which I can­not af­ford; the Honda part num­ber is 30100PDA003. Honda said it could fit a sec­ond­hand part for £40, but is un­able to look for one for me.

I have tried to look on­line for a sec­ond­hand part, but have had difficulty try­ing to find one. How­ever, I’m not 100% sure where to look. Also, some dis­trib­u­tors are de­scribed as hav­ing ei­ther three prongs or five prongs. What is the dif­fer­ence? Gill Dust I am not quite sure about the ref­er­ence to three or five prongs, but this may be in re­la­tion to the fit­ting lugs. The Honda Ac­cord is a very re­li­able car with one weak point, which is the dis­trib­u­tor – bear this in mind when pur­chas­ing a sec­ond­hand part. The av­er­age price of a used unit is be­tween £40-£50 and one source would be ebay. There are also web­sites that of­fer a free ser­vice that trans­fers your de­tails to sec­ond­hand parts re­tail­ers, who will then con­tact you with the price and avail­abil­ity of the re­quired part. Such web­sites in­clude parts­gate­way.co.uk, 247spares.co.uk and 1stchoice.co.uk. These web­sites ask for the ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion num­ber to en­able the sup­plier to iden­tify the cor­rect part. When pur­chas­ing parts for de­liv­ery, I would pay us­ing a credit card. This will give you a greater amount of con­sumer pro­tec­tion in case of prob­lems.

An­other op­tion would be to buy a re­con­di­tioned unit from bba-re­man.com. Al­though more ex­pen­sive, the re­place­ment unit would be more re­li­able and would come with a guar­an­tee.

The Honda dis­trib­u­tor which in­cor­po­rates the ig­ni­tion coil.

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