Peu­geot 207 CC

Part five: Ser­vic­ing the brakes proves to be an or­deal.

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There was a time when re­plac­ing brake discs and pads was a sim­ple and straight­for­ward task. Think back to the days of the Ford Sierra, where you’d undo a sin­gle 13mm bolt, the caliper would swing down on a pivot and you could fit a set of pads in about 20 min­utes. Work­ing on the rear discs on most cars was a case of un­do­ing two bolts and squeez­ing the pis­ton back with a big pair of grips. Would the Peu­geot 207 be so easy?

Like other PSA cars, as well as Vaux­hall ve­hi­cles, the 207 uses rear calipers where the rear pis­tons need to be wound back us­ing a spe­cial tool. If you have the spe­cial tool to wind back the pis­tons – they’re not that ex­pen­sive and Draper sells one for around £30 – then it’s not too bad, as long as you re­mem­ber that the 207 has pis­tons that wind back clock­wise on one side and an­ti­clock­wise on the other, which can throw you. On our 207, it was the driver’s side that was anti-clock­wise, but don’t take that as gospel be­cause they can vary.

The other is­sue is PSA’S love of Torx bolts. In the old days, when caliper car­ri­ers were bolted on us­ing reg­u­lar 17mm, 18mm and 19mm bolts, they were easy to re­move even if they were heav­ily cor­roded. Torx bolts are far less for­giv­ing and the sus­pen­sion and brake parts on our 207 are quite rusty, so Gary Cooke at Park­side Au­tos re­ally strug­gled to get them un­done. If yours look rusty, it’s an ex­cel­lent idea to or­der in a set of eight new caliper car­rier re­tain­ing bolts.

Stiff nip­ples

There are other dif­fi­cul­ties to over­come. It’s likely the front bleed nip­ples will be rusty and won’t undo with­out a fight. For­get us­ing a tiny ring span­ner; some re­ally good self-lock­ing grips are what you need. Start by ap­ply­ing pen­e­trat­ing fluid– Plus­gas is reck­oned to be the best – and give the area a go­ing-over with a wire brush. A light tap on the end with a small ham­mer can also help, be­fore us­ing the grips to undo the nip­ple. Chances are it’ll snap off in the caliper, at which point the unit is scrap, but it won’t leak fluid. If it does come un­done, nip to your lo­cal dealer or fac­tors and buy a new set of nip­ples. Sim­i­larly, the bolts hold­ing the disc to the front hub can be a swine to undo. If they round out, just ham­mer a slightly big­ger spline drive into it.

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