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Wheel Nut Tor­sion Sock­ets

Wheel nuts are safety-crit­i­cal items and should al­ways be tight­ened with a torque wrench, but many me­chan­ics try to speed things up by us­ing an im­pact wrench, which can over-tighten nuts and make them near im­pos­si­ble to re­move later – you could even end up strip­ping the thread or dam­ag­ing the nut. These ½-inch drive wheel nut tor­sion sock­ets from Laser (part num­ber 6679) are de­signed to be used with an im­pact wrench and limit the torque ap­plied to 80lb ft (108Nm), thus pre­vent­ing over­tight­en­ing. Then sim­ply use a torque wrench for the fi­nal tight­en­ing to the man­u­fac­turer’s spec. Man­u­fac­tured from chrome molyb­de­num steel for ex­cel­lent strength and wear re­sis­tance, the set in­cludes 17mm, 19mm and 21mm sock­ets to fit the most com­mon wheel nut sizes, and the thin-walled de­sign and soft plas­tic cov­ers pro­tect the al­loy wheel.

The Laser wheel nut tor­sion sock­ets are priced at £57.60.

Three-tonne Low-pro­file Trol­ley Jack

This three-tonne-rated trol­ley jack (part num­ber 6734) fea­tures an 85mm en­try to fit un­der the low­est ve­hi­cles. The long reach al­lows ac­cess to chas­sis legs and deeper-set jack­ing points, while the twin­pump de­sign gives a faster and more pos­i­tive lift up to the use­ful max­i­mum height of 500mm. De­signed to with­stand heavy us­age in the most de­mand­ing en­vi­ron­ments, the jack weighs 34kg and is man­u­fac­tured to the EN1494:2000 tech­ni­cal safety stan­dard.

The Laser three-tonne low-pro­file trol­ley jack is avail­able at a typ­i­cal price of £310.87.

Ratchet-han­dled Pipe Cut­ter

A handy and ver­sa­tile tool (part num­ber 6736) that com­bines a com­pact pipe cut­ter with a light­weight but ro­bust al­loy ratchet han­dle pro­vid­ing a smooth and pos­i­tive ac­tion. De­signed specif­i­cally for au­to­mo­tive brake and fuel lines, the cut­ter opens out to a full 15mm so that it can also han­dle cop­per heat­ing pipes and sim­i­lar. The cut­ter can be used without the han­dle for, say, cut­ting brake pipes un­der the ve­hi­cle. If ac­cess is tight, the ratchet han­dle can be quickly and eas­ily at­tached.

The Laser ratchet-han­dled pipe cut­ter costs £51.82.

Hose Re­moval Pli­ers

Re­mov­ing rub­ber or plas­tic hoses and tubes can be a real prob­lem if they have not been shifted for some time. At­tempt­ing to lever them off with a screw­driver could po­ten­tially dam­age or break the hose or the com­po­nent it’s con­nected to, while metal fuel fil­ter or pump con­nec­tions can be strained and plas­tic cooling reser­voir stubs can break off. These hose re­moval pli­ers (part num­ber 6894) use two sep­a­rate ac­tions: the slim blades fit be­tween the hose and fit­ting, while the rear set of blades can be ad­justed to grip the fit­ting firmly be­fore lock­ing in place; us­ing the plier ac­tion, the for­ward set of blades pos­i­tively pushes the hose away from the fit­ting.

Laser hose re­moval pli­ers of­fer good value at £41.90.

Glue-puller Dent Kit with 24 as­sorted pads

Glue-pulling is the ideal re­pair process if there is re­stricted ac­cess be­hind a dented panel. This re­pair kit (part num­ber 7004) is de­signed for work­ing on small dents and dings without dam­ag­ing the paint­work. It is sup­plied with 24 as­sorted glue pads in eight dif­fer­ent pro­files, in­clud­ing cir­cu­lar and split el­lip­ti­cal pads suit­able for a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent dent shapes and sizes. A split pad ini­tially pulls strongly across the dent, then the pad de­forms as the metal moves out and the pad is pulling more from the cen­tre. It is rec­om­mended for use with the Power-tec Glue­matic hot-melt glue gun (part num­ber 91237) and glue sticks (part num­ber 92342).

The Laser Glue-puller Dent Kit is priced at £70.10.

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