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There is a prob­lem with my 2005 Rover 45. I failed to find a code reader to sort out the prob­lem for my­self, so had the fault di­ag­nosed by the RAC, as I was con­cerned about us­ing the car, and had it con­firmed by my lo­cal garage, al­though they could not dig any deeper. The fault logged is ‘P0251 fuel pump con­trol unit, sig­nal out of range, too high’. Both the RAC and the garage con­firmed it was OK to use the car, which I still do, even though the MIL is still on.

The car starts straight away and runs per­fectly. I have checked all the sen­sors, changed the fil­ters, com­pleted an in-depth ser­vice and checked for cor­ro­sion in the con­nec­tors. The only fault I have found is that the max­i­mum en­gine rpm is 4000 against a nor­mal of nearer 6000 in the past.

It ap­pears that the car is one of the last facelift models of the 45 Dti is­sued in 2005. As very few were made, there are no de­tails recorded about them and hence the con­fu­sion. David Jones

The code ‘P0251’ is a generic code for the in­jec­tion pump fuel me­ter­ing con­trol, cir­cuit malfunction. This gives three ar­eas that may be caus­ing the prob­lem: the fuel pump, the wiring loom or the ECU.

The first area to check would be the wiring loom be­tween the fuel pump and ECU. En­sure that the ter­mi­nals within the plugs are clean and dry and are not dis­play­ing any signs of cor­ro­sion. Check­ing the loom be­tween the ECU and pump us­ing an ohm­me­ter may high­light a prob­lem within the loom.

If no prob­lems can be found within the wiring loom, the next cheapest op­tion may be to get the ECU tested. Ei­ther

ecutest­ing.com or bba-re­man.com can carry this out and will give you a de­fin­i­tive an­swer. This will, of course, re­quire the unit to be sent away, tak­ing the Rover off the road for a few days.

One other pos­si­bil­ity that would be worth check­ing out is the tim­ing belt and in­jec­tion pump drive­belt. If ei­ther of these belts is slack, it could also cause the symp­toms you have.

If these two av­enues do not re­solve the prob­lem, the fi­nal com­po­nent left is the fuel pump it­self, which would need to be tested by a spe­cial­ist and pos­si­bly re­built.

What is the cause of the fault code 'P0251' ap­pear­ing on a 2005 Rover 45?

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