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Please can you tell me how to change the camshaft on my 1993 Vaux­hall Corsa 1.4 SRI 8v for an up­rated Kent cam? J Ben­nett

First, the en­gine tim­ing belt cov­ers must be de­tached and the tim­ing set to 90° be­fore TDC. This will po­si­tion all the pis­tons at the mid-way point and pre­vent con­tact with the valves as they are de­pressed. The tim­ing belt can then be re­moved, along with the distrib­u­tor and cam top cover. The air fil­ter hous­ing as­sem­bly will also need to be ex­tracted.

Hav­ing dis­turbed the tim­ing belt, if it has not been re­placed for some time, it would be a good idea to re­place it dur­ing this pro­ce­dure. The camshaft can now be held at the lug be­tween cylin­ders num­ber one and two and the pulley re­moved. The valves now need to be de­pressed, to al­low the fol­low­ers to slide out of po­si­tion. I have achieved this us­ing a screw­driver, but it is far eas­ier us­ing a tool such as the Laser 2097 unit avail­able for less than £19. Once the fol­low­ers are out of the way, the thrust plate se­cur­ing the camshaft can be de­tached, al­low­ing the camshaft to slide out of po­si­tion.

Re­fit­ting is a re­verse of the above pro­ce­dure, but spe­cial at­ten­tion should be paid to the lo­ca­tion of the cam fol­low­ers and the tim­ing of the camshaft drive­belt. The new camshaft should have been sup­plied with a lu­bri­cant that will pro­tect the camshaft and fol­low­ers dur­ing the ini­tial start-up.

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