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I have two is­sues with my 1992 Peu­geot 205 diesel. First, can you tell me how to prop­erly drain/fill the five-speed BE3 man­ual gear­box?

Sec­ond, there’s a rum­bling noise (cen­tral to right side) when I’m ac­cel­er­at­ing and driv­ing up­hill, but doesn’t seem hap­pen un­der nor­mal driv­ing con­di­tions (ie, 3040mph). It sounds and feels like a spin­dle not run­ning true when un­der load.

I first sus­pected the bear­ings on the off­side drive­shaft, but I’ve no­ticed a thin film of wa­tery rust seep­ing around the bear­ing/seal where the shaft en­ters the dif­fer­en­tial part of the gear­box. I can’t see any­thing on the bear­ing/en­gine bracket, but have not dis­man­tled this yet. Peter Walm­s­ley Drain­ing and re­fill­ing the BE3 gear­box is a straight­for­ward job. The oil should be drained by re­mov­ing the drain plug which is lo­cated at the rear of the diff hous­ing. The box should be re­filled us­ing the filler/ level plug lo­cated on the edge of the end cover at around the three o’clock po­si­tion. The gear­box/transaxle should take two litres of EP75W80.

From your de­scrip­tion, the rum­bling noise may well be the drive­shaft cen­tre bear­ing, which sits in the car­rier. The signs of rust around the bear­ing do in­di­cate a prob­lem here. The shaft will need to be re­moved to check the bear­ing prop­erly and re­mov­ing the shaft will ne­ces­si­tate los­ing a slight amount of gear­box oil.

The bear­ing is held in the car­rier by two bolts with off­set heads. The bolts are loos­ened off by us­ing an 11mm socket to undo the nuts on the gear­box side of the car­rier. Af­ter un­do­ing the drive­shaft cen­tre nut and then dis­con­nect­ing the lower swivel on the off­side, the drive­shaft can be re­moved and the bear­ing may need tap­ping to per­suade it out of the car­rier.

Once out, the bear­ing can be felt for any rough­ness. The new bear­ing is avail­able sep­a­rately but you may find it bet­ter value to get a re­place­ment shaft com­plete with bear­ing and CV joint which is avail­able for around £54. This would also cover an­other pos­si­ble rea­son for the rum­ble, which is a prob­lem with the CV joint.

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