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First thing in the morn­ing, my 2010 Tran­sit Con­nect TDCI glow plug light comes on and goes off as nor­mal and I have con­firmed the volt­age go­ing to the plugs is just over 11 volts. The en­gine will start, run for a few sec­onds, then cut out. The only way I can start it again and get it to run is by us­ing Easy Start. It will then run OK for the rest of the day, some­times start­ing and stop­ping four or five times.

I took it to a diesel spe­cial­ist who re­trieved a fault code for the fuel pres­sure reg­u­la­tor. He re­placed three sen­sors – two on the fuel pump and one on the fuel man­i­fold – and fit­ted four re­con­di­tioned in­jec­tors, to no avail. I have lost faith with him and am hop­ing you can help. At the mo­ment there are no fault codes show­ing. John Shiels

The spe­cial­ist has re­placed the sen­sors that com­monly fail and cause the prob­lems your van is ex­hibit­ing. This should have fixed the prob­lem, but this is one of the draw­backs of jump­ing to con­clu­sions be­cause the symp­toms seem to fit a com­mon fail­ure.

You have not made any men­tion of the fuel fil­ter be­ing changed, al­though I would have ex­pected this to be done at the same time as the other work. If this has not been done, then this would cer­tainly be the first part I would re­place. The fact that the ve­hi­cle starts up ini­tially in­di­cates that fuel is present in the sys­tem, but the fact it it then cuts out and re­fuses to restart sug­gests the fuel is not be­ing re­plen­ished. It's pos­si­ble that ei­ther the fuel is seep­ing back from the fuel fil­ter or the pump isn’t draw­ing in the fuel. As the van will run per­fectly for the rest of the day once the ini­tial prob­lem has been over­come, I sus­pect that fuel is seep­ing back or air is get­ting into the sys­tem overnight. The most likely area for this is the fuel fil­ter.

If the fuel fil­ter has al­ready been re­placed, ex­am­ine the fuel pipes and con­nec­tions for any signs they are al­low­ing air into the sys­tem.

An­other area that could cause prob­lems is the con­nec­tions be­tween the leak-off pipes and in­jec­tors, but as the in­jec­tors have been re­placed, I would hope the con­nec­tions are good.

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