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I just read Mark Wal­ton’s ex­cel­lent piece on the new Range Rover Ve­lar, tested in/ against Nor­way (CAR, Septem­ber).4

Be­ing a Norwegian my­self I can’t help laugh­ing at how spot-on he got it. I’m sure he was kind of jok­ing, but the part about the Jante law is (sadly) true. The Range Rover (any which one) is seen as a sign of elitism and self-el­e­va­tion, and that does not go down well in this part of Scan­di­navia.

Nor­we­gians are pa­tri­ots, and when­ever some­one says some­thing about our coun­try we are filled with great pride. So, nat­u­rally I loved your ar­ti­cle.

Any­way, the car looks great. I want one! But prob­a­bly shouldn’t. But, it would make me look good! But they’d hate me. Oh, crap... Ole Martin Hoel

Dur­ing a life­time of reading CAR I have never been so shocked as when reading Chris Chilton’s words dur­ing the gi­ant test of three SUVs: Alfa Romeo vs Volvo vs Audi (CAR, Septem­ber).

Re­gard­ing the Alfa Stelvio, he says: ‘Un­less you’re dead set against driv­ing an SUV you’d be mad to go for the sa­loon.’ I thought CAR was a mag­a­zine for petrol­heads who only buy SUVs out of dire fam­ily need.

Maybe I am bi­ased as I adore my new Gi­u­lia Ve­loce, which pow­ers along hug­ging the tar­mac like a sticky roller­coaster.

As for his com­ments on the style of the in­te­rior… you ei­ther get Alfa’s sim­ple, el­e­gantly com­posed, beau­ti­fully pro­por­tioned de­sign, or you don’t. Chris V Lloyd

Ev­ery curve is there for a rea­son, ev­ery line goes some­where, ev­ery sur­face a de­light

Is the Alfa Stelvio ex­cel­lent full stop, or ex­cel­lent for an SUV?

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