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Type 2 (T1) 1950

Spun from the ba­sic Trans­porter that ar­rived the same year, the Mi­crobus started out with just 25bhp to push it along to its 53mph top speed. Which is why you only see them in lane one.

T4 1990

Die-hards will say this is where the story ends as the T4 went front-en­gined and front-wheel drive. The up­side was bet­ter re‰in­e­ment, lux­ury and you could even get one with the 2.8-litre VR6.

Type 2 (T2) 1967

Still a riot of curves but more plain than be­fore, the T2 stayed air-cooled but could be had with a 2.0-litre ‰lat-four by the end and lux­u­ries like disc brakes. Was still be­ing built in Pue­bla un­til 1994.

T5 2002

More car-like than ever be­fore, the T5 gen­er­a­tion came in three wheel­bases, four gear­boxes, ‰ive en­gines and up to 11 seats. There was even the racy 172bhp Sport­line for diesel-based hoonery.

Type 25 (T3) 1979

VW con­ceded on round wheels but oth­er­wise the T25 was a set square fetishists’ wet dream. Shock­ingly it switched to wa­ter-cooled mo­tors in 1983, but the 2.1-litre ‰lat-four was a gem.

T6 2015

The lat­est T6 can be had with petrol as well as diesel mo­tors while the tech is car-like too – adap­tive cruise, DSG and city emer­gency brak­ing isn’t re­ally rough­ing it.

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